Monday, July 20, 2009

Good things about Hawaii

Going to a family reunion. Good memories. Good times.

Also going to big shows that rock. MGMT was ok but could have been better.

Now: Preparing for class n to get that new new.

Next: Going back on the scene this weekend for a b-day party & other cool stuff.

Later: Big Shows to prep for n work.

Monday, July 6, 2009

I feel old

I am now the big 23. I learned a lot from turning this age. I stop growing physically. I feel empty. But also I don't stop maturing and learning. I can also grow mentally & psychologically. I also know who i can rely on & move on from by now.

A lot has changed too. I got to enjoy my so-called "vacation" & time to go back to reality this week. Gotta stay humble & continue to land that job as well as go to school. I'd take anything at this point but it has to be something i can be happy with and enjoy as much as pay and benefits and around my time. My classes are again tuesday (marketing services) & thursday (accounting). Good schedule but a lot going on this august and september so i should prepare and not predict.

I still haven't lost sight of my goal of finishing grad school next summer. I could have taken 3 but i'm not ready so 2 is enough for me. I have to take the cards sometimes and play it out then see what happens from there.

In conclusion, I feel you can't trust everyone. This is where i hear "Poker Face" a lot. People get pulled up but brought down easy by the same person. It can be easy yet hard to read others. Check out Daughtry's version of Lady Gaga's hit song.

-Mr. Rockmoney

P.S.: Thanks for the b-day wishes to those that hollered