Friday, August 28, 2009

dope night

Got to pregame @ varsity. Get my class on. Went back for a huge encore. Tomorrow im ready for more. End of story.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I had a bad feeling (but had fun)

I got screwed this week. Big time. Me going 3/3 this week actually was 1/3. After a tough class on tuesday, & a midterm to prep for for accounting, I was beat. But I hoped to enjoy concerts with big acts and maybe even meet them. Herez how it went:

Tue. 8/11: Felicia comes n goes. The weather was bad. My class was mediocre @ best. I go home tired. No doubt the next day.

Wed. 8/12: Got to Blaisdell @ 7pm. Saw my old HS teacher (which i really don't like since hate is too strong), a so-called classmate that almost broke me down in class the night before, & other random people. I was standing next to a couple of former Miss Hawaiis, & got to enjoy a kickass No Doubt show. (side note, Paramore could have been a great opening act instead of Matt Costa but he wasn't too bad either since i met him @ Kokua Fest.) But i hoped to do something after, which was epic fail 1. It never went down. I went home. Tomorrows a new day, right?

Thur 8/13: Class sucked. Finished my homework as usual then started my test. Got to go see Filter's meet n greet. They were cool. The lead guy claims to met me before (most say that cuz most asians with glasses look alike lol). But they were nice enough to sign stuff n get a photo. Good post-class timing.

Fri. 8/14: Went to Leeward Bowl. Put up good scores but need to be ready for this coming wed, where i will have a showoff with 2 of my friends from my HS bowling team. I gotta see if, like Tyson, I still got it. Then saw The Goods. Funny. Then went to Kaneohe to get a closeup of what ill deal with 24 hours later. Good prep for sat. But that night was different. Three parties i went to were lame & my ride home was late. Epic Fail #2. Gotta look forward to sat, right? Hope to meet BEP.

Sat. 8/15: Worked out. Then went to Kailua for my pregame meal (& drink) then Bayfest. Glad to get there early. I had lots of Fun with Black Eyed Peas. But did i get the job done. NO! I @ least met Will I Am. But the show started late, there was pretty bad traffic, & the band didn't get on til 9. Their lame manager prevented people who wanted to meet them from getting in, even radio people. It was packed though, & I got great shots n posted some video too. All in all the day was great cept for the meet n greet part. EPIC FAIL #3. They played the hits but the hits didn't come for me. Fireworks turned to dust.

I felt bad for those who didn't make it but it was kick ass though. But i don't rate shows based on their hits. I base it on friendliness. 3DD was ok but pushy. BEP just bailed after w/o explanation. The long drive home was tiring. Traffic as usual. Plus i may need to go to the doctors since my left knee is sore. Tried from bayfest. Next year should be my last since i will be done with grad school by the time Bayfest 2010 comes, if @ all. So here comes goodbye to that after next year.

Glad i skipped a party. It was for someone i really don't like (no pun intended). Its like HBK still having beef with Bret Hart (ala montreal screwjob). In other words: I got two words for ya, screw it. No more drama was needed in my night. I know it too damn well. It would be nice to "crash" da party but i was too tired so i crashed myself. There will be others n i am taking a break from booze for now so i can lose weight. Wanna be a good person too. My new life starts now.

I am definitely moving forward from what has been a bad week mostly. That could have gotten a lot worse. Glad it didnt.
Taking a break from the nitelife too (unless a friendship is on the line its not important) until UH football kicks off. @ least im sgoing hiking n the weather is better. Also to get my new job finally. Its been too damn long since i left Sears. I need to live up to my name n ready to be new again (still debating on Taking Back Sunday n Silversun Pickups). Where do I go from here? God knows. But I gotta feeling its gonna get better from here. @ the very least, i had fun. Something i haven't had in awhile. Peace.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My life the last 2 weeks.

Been busy. Very busy. Still nothing new. I love being a free agent. But of course i am still a student so im technically not free but still. Classes killing me. But mostly chill. Can't wait til im done next summer. All da same for the good life on the town, where im like Visa, i go & am everywhere & accepted everywhere. But i gotta know when it's time to put good friends before those that have failed me. I always seem to chase what i think i can catch but i am not able to get it. TIme also is almost never on my side too. One of these nights I gotta go all night & take people for a ride until the first morning light.

B-day bash was dope. So is so many other places i usually roll thru. But it was most recently that i made it count. North Shore sucked today (bus breakdown @ Wahiawa) except for my frog splash @ waimea bay. I played poker too n @ least got my money back. Then made a late first friday appearance (is 10pm still late? Maybe but it was good while i was there). July 3 was epic fail. This time, epic awesomeness. Otooles, 35, 39, NextDoor, etc. was crackin. Too bad i know everyone n got in without paying. Talked storms with a certain KGMB 9 weather model then chilled @ SOHO. It doesnt hurt to go out n bail early n promise to come back. The door people remember n u dont have to wait in line. I enjoyed myself as usual with da homies. Then here comes the not on my side factor: quitting while im ahead. I left early, but @ what cost? I think I'll know what i missed thanks to the people who twitter on a regular basis. Then I'll know if it was worth it. Most BS but i'll know. Thats why I need to go all out one time & see if its worth it. Gotta do it with the homies.

Later today: Fight night n free shit, then probably going to Waiks for a little while @ Shack, Apartment 3, & Matty Liu @ Lulus. All in all twas a good day but herez to tomorrow n the next 10 days. No Doubt Wed. Bayfest next saturday. Wanna go 3 for 3 every day the next week. Wanna follow my life? Follow me @

Closing number today: Everyone loves @ catfight. Herez what i missed on wed (i was sick, sorry). Enjoy.

-Da rock money man

P.S.: My money is on Penn n my night will go smooth as silk tomorrow. But da big week starts now.