Thursday, April 30, 2009

No Need To Panic!

I got another song thats rocking. A song that has you on edge but is very visualy appealing despite dark moments. Dig Panic Switch by the Silversun Pickups. I met these guys last year when they came to Hawaii and now they have an improved reportuire. Check out the video! Good way to deal with the stress of Finals!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Life. Wasted. (Sears can suck it!)

Job hunting is a beyotch! I failed to get that new job i went to da go for. Now I really need to get a new job. Need to focus on school too. As for May 1st, it is a key day to get what i need (want is an understatement) since it is May Day. In Hawaii, its Lei day. For others, its "get laid" day. I don't call it get laid, but to get made. Finally get over my trip & to set myself straight. The class of 2009 is getting off & I don't want to fall further behind in getting a new job. It's also the next to last chance @ glory (hanging out with that new new before she leaves for good) & to make a lasting mark.

A refresher for me in the form of an ex-flame. The following video is to those that broke my heart. The Fray cover's Kanye West's "Heartless." Dig it. Hear it. Feel it.

good luck to all y'all finishing up school. As for those still there, step it up & keep it up. Thats what I need to do before I get my job, action & my masters!

old school song: No Sex in the Champagne Room by Chris Rock

Heard this song during a "gathering" in Dayton 3 weeks ago. Found the video. Pretty much everyone in the party talked every line. Enjoy!


old school comedy

Funny Chris Rock video on not to get busted!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

On Point!

Good to be home. As much as I will miss being on the mainland, its all chill here. House parties are risky anyway since if you are the only of age person in the room you may get hit hardest by all them snitches under 21 when it comes to popo questions. 

Anyways, not too much going on around town except praying for those on Awakening #21 as well as the start of the NBA playoffs & stuff. Meeting new people as always & chilling in good places. 

I definitely will be going to the Mainland again either this summer or this September (during a break in my masters) to reunite with my west coast homies. Hard to debate whether the 614 is better than the 619. But the O don't deserve me if the people from there screw with me or not get back to me. 

Anyways good times then good times now. Thats all i care to think about. Also, got the Cavs winning the NBA finals & the most anticipated May 1st ever. What will happen then? Stay tuned.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ohio Pro (Part 2 of my trip to the midwest)

Saturday like hulk hogan, D-rockmoney was running wild!

I got back late after the bars close @ 2:30am but got up early to go to a bar @ 6am & returned in time to send Mike off to West Virginia with his friends. Then the running wild part started.

Was going to the Mall but decided to blaze to the Queen City! Beautiul Day in Ohio Nei. Thats what I say. Anyway I drove to Kentucky to get some chicken & some lovin (i mean lottry ticket & gas) then drove back to see the Cincinatti Stadiums, Arena & the area where 3 Doors down shot the "It's Not My Time" video a year ago.

Then back to Dayton before going to Columbus, where I drove by the Crew Stadium, "The Ohio State University" & the scene in & around the "Red Light District," the arena district. Where I could have seen Yung Joc but opted for more of a mix of cheap, strong drinks @ bars with no cover, & some new cuties for friends. (More on the so called friends who bailed on me later).

They party big, & cheap too! I drank enough to survive & advance (hookup) then returned to an empty Dayton, where I was blasting Ghost Town from the Shiny Toy Guns on the way back.

Sunday was my day of rest & Palm Sunday. I got my palm then went to the Outlet mall for some good clothes i'm rocking now. Then Dayton Mall before the storm was coming down.

For the record, I said i wasn't going to Detroit but when i heard of a free concert I wanted to jump on it, esp. with Staind, Fergie, & Gym Class Heroes. I passed the airport & wanted to cry.

So I decided to turn the car around & stay in Dayton for Wrestlemania! Went to Roosters, & Hooters to see die hard fans cheer on Taker, Cena, Triple H, & CM Punk win their matches. Great night, then home to pack. But not before my last supper @ Golden Corral.

Woke @ 8am yesterday (EDT) then off to the airport, where god was able to bring me home, but not without a D-Money first: Snow! I did my best Lebron impersonation with the snow before flying to the go, where i litteraly wanted to eat some leftover snow. Then SFO to beautiful weather before I returned home before dark & UNC winning the National Championship.

I can say that I have walked & drove my road to redemption on this trip (without the going to jail part) & met many allies, colleagues, & friends. Some new, some lost. No regrets about what I did & didn't do, & i forgive & forget the people who I tried to reach but failed. But I found me, & all I can be when I finish my MBA next year. The party's over. Back to reality tonight!

Noelani, random new girls, Brigid, Mike, Beth, Rob, Mallory, 344 Nassau St, Brendan & all the people that have hollered @ me

Gina C, Michaela K, Anina Q, Katie S, & those I wanted to see but blew me off!


P.S.: Thanks for the memories Dayton! Will never go back (to ok).

Friday, April 3, 2009

Coming into the cold...

Damn Ohio is so cold. So was Chicago. After a successful meeting (though that doesn't mean i got a new job, yet) I moved on to Dayton, where it is so cold.

I chilled with my old friend & was able to meet some new people (the exact same way as last time I came here in October, 2007, randomly). Plenty of hookups, drinking games, & hot spots.
I chilled Downtown Dayton today before UD went on spring break (putting them all on blast for bouncing early).

Then traveled over 300 miles & many highways (with my friend) to Cleveland for shopping, photo ops (Rock & Roll Hall of fame & 3 sports stadiums) & a dinner for my long-lost friend. An 808 kid can hardly survive 40 degree temps here. But it was worth it since i miss her & met new people @ the same time. The trip back, however was all pitch black but we got back fast. We even ran into a White Castle. Then did one last driveby thru Daytons entertainment district.

Tomorrows gonna be fun. Unfortunately, due to severe weather, (& UD on spring break) the trip to the Final Four in Detroit has been cancelled. The decision was made after my group got to cleveland. However, I will take in a baseball game in Dayton tomorrow then shopping in a Columbus suburb before watching the games in Columbus. After that, we shall see.

Part 2 coming.