Tuesday, March 31, 2009


D-Rock has come back to the mainland.

I will be in Chicago for an interview.

Dayton for one final reunion.

Columbus & Cleveland to makeup.

Detroit for the Final Four.

What else could I have in store?

Stay tuned for the answer.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Broke

Good stuff so far spring break. Only regret was not to finish my online class until monday when i could have finished on fri. But @ least I got it done. Both classes (my friday night & online) are As. So far so good start to my MBA studies. Need to keep it up to finish next summer & get a better paying job to pay for it in the meantime.

I also have to enjoy the 2 weeks. Im going to Chicago next week for an interview for a sales position that will keep me in Hawaii, then spending the next 4 days returning to Ohio to visit old friends. Also gonna go to Detroit to check out the city & final four festivities (not da games). It will be a fun trip. I leave next tuesday & return monday April 6th. Good times lie ahead, but i better bring my A game to the interview if I want to get that money.

Other than that, Friday was an early night but took advantage of good deals. Free booze all night. Did not pay a dime thanks to CW & myopenbar. Tikis has potential & Lulus is back but I'm leaning toward Flash & Matty Boy or even Nella for a Friday night special if an opening were available. Will make that decision when I return from Ohio (& if I can get that job).

Saturday was awesome to be a fan & for Spring Broke. Only downside from all the games was Gonzaga over my upset special. Spring Broke was great. Too bad I left early since I had to work early. Sunday was good too. Finished work on time and played drunken dodgeball. This was fun. So was dinner @ KBC. Then VLounge. I will be making cameo appearances all over town for Spring Break.

My schedule:
Tomorrow: North Shore (pop rocks n waves), work, then Acid Wash/ D&Bs
Thursday: Work, postgame, then Journey concert?
Friday: Sandys, trail & more T.B.D.
Saturday: Games, Volleyball, Ocean Expo & night on.
Sunday: Work, discount day, & rest.

Gonna be a great rest of da week, then the real fun begins.


1st Round Bracket Picks (& how they fared)

Midwest Region:
1 Louisville over 16 Morehead St (Win)
8 Ohio St over 9 Siena (Loss in all but one bracket)

5 Utah over 12 Arizona (Loss)
4 Wake Forest over 13 Cleveland St
(Loss in all but one bracket; not same as above)

11 Dayton over 6 West Virginia (Win)
3 Kansas over 14 South Dakota St (Win)

10 USC over 7 Boston College (Win)
2 Michigan St over 15 Robert Morris (Win)

1st Round Picks: 5-3 (Most), 6-2 (2 others)

West Regional
1 UCONN over 16 Chattanoga (Win)
9 Texas A&M over 8 BYU (Win)

5 Purdue over 12 Northern Iowa (Win)
4 Washington over 13 Mississippi St (Win)

6 Marquette over 11 Utah St (Close Win)
3 Missouri over 14 Cornell (Win)

10 Maryland over 7 Cal (Win)
2 Memphis over 15 Northridge (Win)

1st Round Picks: 8-0 (All brackets)

East Regional
1 Pittsburgh over 16 E. Tenn St (Win)
9 Tennessee over 8 Oklahoma St (Loss)

5 Florida St over 12 Wisconsin
(Loss in all but one bracket, see Cleveland St comment)
4 Xavier over 13 Portland St (Win)

6 UCLA over 11 VCU (Close Win, loss in 2 brackets)
3 Villanova over 14 American (Win)

7 Texas over 10 Minnesota (Win)
2 Duke over 15 Binghamton (Win)

1st Round Picks: 7-1 (main) 6-2 (others)

South Regional
1 North Carolina over 16 Radford (Win)
9 Butler over 8 LSU (Loss)

12 Western Kentucky over 5 Illinois (Win)
4 Gonzaga over 13 Akron (Win)

6 Arizona St over 11 Temple (Win)
3 Syracuse over 14 Stephen F. Austin (Win)

10 Michigan over 7 Clemson (Win)
2 Oklahoma over 15 Morgan St (Win)

1st Round Picks: 7-1

I will post 2nd round updates & update blog when game times come around.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Patricks Day & March Madness!

Time for a D-Money rewind. Friday the 13Th was dope (before the rain came down) the next day was boring (so I went to a movie instead). Sunday I was into the Selection Show (see who got screwed, who's in, etc.) for March Madness (more on that in a moment).

But nothing compared to St. Patrick's Day, where the madness went down (town, that is). I worked until 4. Then worked out (to speed up recovery time; big mistake!). Then went home to get ready to own the night.
Got back Downtown before dark. The whole block was crowded. I was smart to pregame before I went lightweight nuts. Otooles, Murphy's, & everywhere was going off! Thanks to Metromix for the photo of me on top. Left for a few to go to Pearl. Failure. But got beads, hats, & a breather.

Returned downtown 1/2 hour later. Crazy still. I did sample irish um, foods & bs'd my way into getting cab money (which I didn't need this night though my friends did) n free red bull via DD tent. Choke girls stole my beads & fake hats, too bad they never got my real one.

How they stole it? Well, lets just say they made me very lucky on this night (think kiss me, im irish, thats what she said). Ran into everyone, & met some random people that I'm sure don't remember me (I remember, but I suffer from lazy eye, so that affects my memory more than drinking ever will). FIY: I did drink only once (see below).

Thank god i went home instead of going to Waikiki. Once 10 rolled around, people were still going nuts @ Otooles & Murphy's. The streets would not reopen until midnight, when I was dead & gone. Thank god the bus was late so I could catch my breath, & smell a sweet irish creme scent (what she also said, lol). The knockout punch was an irish car bomb followed by a makeout. I heard the bar had to close shortly afterward as a result of "overcrowding." I ran to the bus & got home & fell asleep after, still reminiscing that last kiss goodnight.

Today, I recovered, but can't remember anything (thank you AL!). All the spots were dead since people were recovering from a wonderful celebration. I woke buzzed but still went to UH for the paper plane competition, a total disaster for me but got free red bull to revive me. @ least work was dead too afterward. Tonight I rest.

But in da morning:
Bracket time. Gonna watch em all. Got a couple of trendy upset picks. W. Kentucky to the Sweet 16 (don't get me wrong, a double digit seed has made it several years in a row to the Sweet 16). I got Memphis, Louisville, UNC & Pitt (like everyone else) n UNC to win it all. Will post again once the 1st round is done. However, I will savor the good time that was SPD & look forward to Spring Break (& an interview in Chicago enroute to Michigan & Ohio). Good luck with ur brackets after you got lucky two days before (she said it again! ha!). You will thank your lucky stars but don't iron a clover or you'll press your luck!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Gives You Hell...

Went to the All-American Rejects Concert on Saturday after bailing work early due to an "optional" meeting. Got there just in time for them to hit the stage. But I refused to pay $40 bucks for a show that looked more sold out than the night before (heck, they had more energy since they didn't have to do two shows the same day after traveling from Japan). Saw a kid who drank outside but was barred from the building cuz he was under 21. I gave him $10 then went in. The show was awesome. Was able to sneak to the front. Almost lost my glasses but my shoes were f'd up. Also enjoyed getting sprayed by the vents (ala 30 Seconds to Mars 2007). Got a guitar pick, recorded cool video & took photos. Favorite song: Gives You Hell. It's obvious why. Anyways, 1 hour was a good price for $10 to see AAR. Originally, i was gonna listen outside or skip it altogether. Will post more soon. Also went to a "drift" party @ Chinatown then went home. Nothing special otherwise. Sears is ready to go bye bye soon. & class sucked friday before an hour in chinatown (where i never pay cover or wait in line) then tired. Can't wait for this friday. My two favorite promos, Metromix & Matty Liu, team up for a good evening. Of course I have class then I'm going. Then maybe Level 4. Can't wait for this weekend & SPD!
-D-MGMT yeah u know me!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I'm stepping my game up. It's time to prove my doubters wrong. At work, at home, in class, around town, everywhere i go. There are people who say things you don't want to hear (friends included). I have learned hard this weekend that you don't need to be everywhere to have a good time. You need to pick and choose wisely. Otherwise, if u do it all too soon, you might miss something (or in my case, lose it). I need to set aside my plans n be ready for them and plan everything (even the now). So I will take a break the next few days (outside of work n class) so I can be ready to go for Saturday. I am ready for the rest of winter to be over already so I can get back to Spring!
-Daniel "the rockmoney maker" Lee Soon

P.S. Tikis March 13! Be there!