Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Broke

Good stuff so far spring break. Only regret was not to finish my online class until monday when i could have finished on fri. But @ least I got it done. Both classes (my friday night & online) are As. So far so good start to my MBA studies. Need to keep it up to finish next summer & get a better paying job to pay for it in the meantime.

I also have to enjoy the 2 weeks. Im going to Chicago next week for an interview for a sales position that will keep me in Hawaii, then spending the next 4 days returning to Ohio to visit old friends. Also gonna go to Detroit to check out the city & final four festivities (not da games). It will be a fun trip. I leave next tuesday & return monday April 6th. Good times lie ahead, but i better bring my A game to the interview if I want to get that money.

Other than that, Friday was an early night but took advantage of good deals. Free booze all night. Did not pay a dime thanks to CW & myopenbar. Tikis has potential & Lulus is back but I'm leaning toward Flash & Matty Boy or even Nella for a Friday night special if an opening were available. Will make that decision when I return from Ohio (& if I can get that job).

Saturday was awesome to be a fan & for Spring Broke. Only downside from all the games was Gonzaga over my upset special. Spring Broke was great. Too bad I left early since I had to work early. Sunday was good too. Finished work on time and played drunken dodgeball. This was fun. So was dinner @ KBC. Then VLounge. I will be making cameo appearances all over town for Spring Break.

My schedule:
Tomorrow: North Shore (pop rocks n waves), work, then Acid Wash/ D&Bs
Thursday: Work, postgame, then Journey concert?
Friday: Sandys, trail & more T.B.D.
Saturday: Games, Volleyball, Ocean Expo & night on.
Sunday: Work, discount day, & rest.

Gonna be a great rest of da week, then the real fun begins.


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