Monday, March 9, 2009

Gives You Hell...

Went to the All-American Rejects Concert on Saturday after bailing work early due to an "optional" meeting. Got there just in time for them to hit the stage. But I refused to pay $40 bucks for a show that looked more sold out than the night before (heck, they had more energy since they didn't have to do two shows the same day after traveling from Japan). Saw a kid who drank outside but was barred from the building cuz he was under 21. I gave him $10 then went in. The show was awesome. Was able to sneak to the front. Almost lost my glasses but my shoes were f'd up. Also enjoyed getting sprayed by the vents (ala 30 Seconds to Mars 2007). Got a guitar pick, recorded cool video & took photos. Favorite song: Gives You Hell. It's obvious why. Anyways, 1 hour was a good price for $10 to see AAR. Originally, i was gonna listen outside or skip it altogether. Will post more soon. Also went to a "drift" party @ Chinatown then went home. Nothing special otherwise. Sears is ready to go bye bye soon. & class sucked friday before an hour in chinatown (where i never pay cover or wait in line) then tired. Can't wait for this friday. My two favorite promos, Metromix & Matty Liu, team up for a good evening. Of course I have class then I'm going. Then maybe Level 4. Can't wait for this weekend & SPD!
-D-MGMT yeah u know me!

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