Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pau for now

As a result of the criticism from what i said last week & other things that are of more importance to me (i'll leave that to u to figure out) & low readership, i am indefinitely suspending this blog.

I have many reasons for this. For one, my blog was automatically being imported to facebook & people were flabbergasted by what i said (some of it). I stopped it once the damage was done. But other issues came up after that. Like people criticizing me, talking shit, etc. I don't need that. I invite u to add me on facebook or twitter me. I promise that one day when i do return to write this blog, i will choose my words carefully as well as other things. But for now, I leave this site hoping to one day make things better between those i lost the last week. Mahalo for reading & u will def. hear my halloween stories as soon as I'm up & running. God knows when. But aloha for now.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

i would like to apologize to my once good friends...

...for all the BS i said in my previous blog. My last post has been deleted. I may have said some things that weren't meant to be said. I also didn't think about what i saw. I reacted without realizing the other person's feelings. I could have gotten a beat down. I could have kept quiet but I had to put them on blast when i didn't have to. I also need to know if its my battle. If its not, I'll stay out of it.

So to my friends who have been affected (or deleted me as a FB friend) over the events of the last couple of days I would like to say i'm sorry for my actions. I didn't intend to hurt them or for any of that. It was wrong. It's not me. At my age, I should not be jealous. I should let it go. I hope that we can still be friends (or be readded) & that I'm willing to make it up to them & get things to work out. I know it will take time to repair the damage but the clock is ticking (no pun intended). My hope is that everything will come full circle & that we are all friends here in the end. I am willing to do whatever it takes to do earn that trust back. It's time to transform my attitude and get back in the game of life. The old me is dead & gone. Time to make things right.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A New Term, a new problem

I'm halfway done with my graduate studies. I took some interesting required courses, worked with interesting people (cept a few i can't stand) & all but 1 class so far is an A.

But the conflict i have is not a classmate who irritates me, not that i still don't have a job (but i'm close to getting one) but its when I wanna finish my education. I can find work soon & i can ignore classmates who bother me or ignore me. I just thought long & hard about when i want to finish my MBA. I could finish by March by taking 3 classes for this term & next. Either way, I'll walk in May, But i have little money. I do get some help, but i decided since i will be getting busier near the end of the year (as well as employed by the holidays) to just take 2 classes.

The 2 classes i wanted to take were human resources & finance.

I sat in finance class yesterday (packed to the max) & tried to organize a good group for a class project & be friendly to everyone (even though i knew many people in the class, most are new & i knew u can't get the group u want). Interesting people too. But i got stuck with a tough group, stuck with bad assignments & also had problems trying to do the in-class exercises. Plus, when the teacher talks, u listen, not continue talking with others. A teacher who can't get full attention of the class is gonna have a long term. Its on top of the hill @ Kieffer & its a very late class too. Since i can't learn in this environment (but still beats UH) i switched to a tuesday class (more on that in a little while). I have no regrets on switching out, nor should I care. I can take it next term as well online. Much apologies to who i left behind.

The 2nd class i signed up for is Human Resources on thursday. I know HR, but i still have to take it as a requirement. It will be a big class (not as big as finance) & i must plan better so i can be with friends & not strangers (or cocky people). Plus its not all the way on top of campus. Its about halfway (by the main part of campus). Am I better off than my other classes? Time will tell. Stay tuned.

The class i ended up switching into is Social Enterprise. It's an elective that deals with non-profits & businesses like them. After tonight's class, I'm glad its smaller, challenging (which i need) something to expand on my entrepreneurship skills as well as deal with a different side of business that i may consider after I get my MBA (i know some people who run non-profit media so i hope to get ahold of them & not miss out on the next big thing in the 808). I do know a couple people (1 cool, 1 ignorant) but otherwise it will be interesting. I can't wait to read the book for class when it comes in before next week's class. It may be on top of the hill (like finance) but will get more out of it in the long run (plus i can take finance online next semester).

The problem of course, was deciding on how to take my last few classes i need. I needed finance, Human Resource/Operations, 3 electives, & the 800 course). Then im all pau. But after careful consideration i decided to do the 2-3-1 format (over the 3-3 & 2-2-2) that way i can challenge myself after the holidays are over (as well as still learn while i complete my degree in a year and a half). After this term, i can still switch to 2-2 over 3-1 if it proves difficult but I wanna start 2010 with a bang & coast the rest of the way. I still have to do work but it's time to prepare for the stretch run (the end of my education is coming) & to accomplish my goals.

Current & Projected Schedule (2-3-1 Format):
Now - December 2009: MBA 740 Social Enterprise (TU) & MBA 613 Human Resources (TH) all 5:30-9:30p.

Jan-Mar 2010: MBA 611 Finance (Online), MBA Elective (likely International Bus.) & MBA 800 Closer course (all dates T.B.A.)

Apr-Jun 2010: MBA 707 Workplace Negotiations. Must take elective if taught by Larry Price (yes the radio personality of KSSK's Perry & Price morning show). I want this to be my last class ever. (unless i need the 800 class of course).

May 10, 2010: I walk. But not all finished until June 10, 2010 of course.

I hope this decision turns out to be the right one. This way, I will be finished as well as ready to take on the real world. I have many colleagues as well as friends out there who can support me & help me as well as my family. I wanna follow my grandma and have a better education & life. I want to shed my skin & be better, not bitter.

Like 3 Days Grace's latest song (from Life Starts Now), I wanna break away & carve my own path & Like Creed's full circle, I've been trying to overcome & that i feel it may rain now but there is light that follows.

I do what i need to do, everything will take care of itself. Time to get back to work. My 3 week break is over. I'm glad i got to spend time with some good friends (a couple visited recently) as well as reflecting on what i need to do not want to do. I'm ready to take on the coming months as it gets a little darker.

-A very confident Daniel (aka D-Rockmoney)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Time to teach people about surviving a Rock Concert

I like listening to Music. All different kinds. The one that moves me the most is Rock. As long as i can relate to the song & dig da beat im down with that. Rock makes me live. So its no surprise that I go to da biggest events around town (involving rock of course). But what drives me nuts is that people don't know how to prepare for concerts (as well as show courtesy during them). Here is the unwritten guide on concerts:

1. Wear shoes that u don't mind getting dirty & tie them tight. People step on other's feet all the time. But even girls should wear covered shoes too so their feet don't stink, don't lose their footwear easily & also can be cleaned easily afterward. Dress shoes fellas should be left in da car or @ home.

2. Expect to feel da heat. It gets hot @ concerts sometimes when lots of people are close together in a small concert room. Hydrate, prepare to handle the elements, & study da venues before hand so u know what to expect. U may get a workout esp. @ rock shows.

3. Dress comfortably. That way, ur shirt can handle sweat & wear jeans that fit but stay on. See rule 1 for footwear. (wearing shorts with working zipper pockets works too)

4. Expect contact. Lots of it. People pushing, wanting to crowd-surf, etc. Be ready to push back if u have to. But always listen to security. They want things to go smoothly & safely when things won't always be the case.

5. Pack as little as possible. That way, u won't scramble to find anything you're may have lost during the show afterward.

6. Glasses should be packed in a protective case. This i learned the hard way. So u don't lose scratch or break em! Shades also should not be worn after dark. Ur indoors or under the stars people & can get knocked around.

7. Don't push to greet an artist or to reach out to them near the stage. If they come to u they come. If not don't try to force themselves ahead of others. Don't forget, people get smashed near the front too & they can push u back as well.

8. If coming in a group, expect to be separated. Plan on meeting somewhere outside after the show ahead of time so u don't get lost. Also know when the show will end. If you don't know, ask someone.

9. Stand tall. That way you won't lose your spot during the show & not be distracted too much while the bands play. You have to protect yourself. Also don't crowd surf people, esp. if you're a football player. Stay fit & hard!

10. Expect the unexpected. Things get bad easily & u need to be ready for whatever.

Now copy/paste/print & read & prepare for the next big show! I don't care what kind of act it is.


Great Night, Epic fail ending

Good day of North Shore waves. Then back to town to get my camera & pregame @ D&Bs. Then showtime.

Great TBS show. Met band as they went in pre show, then tried to pit but almost lost my glasses during the opening bands. One of them was RKO. How ironic. My signature glasses has a scratch i have to live with. I can still get it fixed but i might wanna get contacts or consider laser eye surgery. Other than that TBS played their hits & near the end i was sweating, they got up close, & i got away with a pic & set-list.

Then Tsukijis was fail. Mai Tais was stale. Pearl was ok but not feeling too well. Saw a friend of mine. She looks: different. Thats all i have to say about that. U be the judge of what's going on with her. Then i went to Apartment 3 for a quickie. Had enough of da band & da crowd. Still soaked from the show. Then i left cuz i was exhausted but props to my friend for giving me a ride home to talk about our futures. Great night tonight. Uploading pics & video as seen on facebook.

Tomorrow i chill with my old roommate after i go to my brother's game. Can't wait.


P.S.: Future blog will feature concert etiquette

Sunday, September 20, 2009

9/19 Recap

Got to be in a commercial for Hot 93.9 @ Dole Cannery. Props to Maleko Flash n Natasha (as well as some new friends)

Walked all the way from Dole Cannery to Nuuanu YMCA (cuz the bus sucks n HEA wasn't working as usual)

Got picked up by my dad to go Zippys & then back to Iwilei to pick up stuff (my dad is not the brightest person in the world. Think Homer Simpson)

Game time. UH did ok (til I left for Downtown)

Got to SOHO. It's time for NEON NEON (as promised i wore a pink shirt n got some free steeze like food, beer & even got a shot paid for)

Around 8:15 i got find out da score @ Murphys. Saw UH lose. Then got free guinness just for reading a poem. I finished 5th. (not too bad for an impromptu speech)

Then back to NEON NEON. Where it got crazy good. Lots of my friends were there. Good times were about to go off. Only downside is that the place is not completely 100%. But good enough. But there was AC leakage, glow sticks n blowups being tossed around as well as giveaways. I got a neat shirt, hat, pants, & even De La Soul tickets for twittering what the event was for (not to mention a pint glass from entering a certain contest earlier)

Left around 12 to see da last 4 (as expected) go to my house. But i had a ride home just not til 2am. So i killed time by going to Apartment 3. Busy as can be.

Then skipped waiks (due to a meaningless cock block party that held up traffic n only worth going if ur a tourist) & went back downtown (via da 2, i always hate it when people don't listen to da bus PA about da rules or to exit thru the rear door, or like i mentioned in my last blog, cut off info!), where on the way out saw a fight.

Looks like SOHO's should stick to first fridays til its fully functional.

Don't get me wrong that times are tough, but we gotta support local especially if we have friends wanting to do big things. I go out to build contacts myself so that one day when i go big people can support me. Gotta give n take. Kokua to others as others kokua to u. Also don't look @ da negatives. It takes time to build & grow before something big will happen. It applies to people who work too. So you gotta be support as well as work hard in order for u to get da love back. That is all i have to say that it was a good day in da 808.

-Mr . DRM

P.S.: TBS this friday! Who's in?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Presenting... FAIL of DA WEAK

A new segment based on "Headlines" a former Tonight Show staple now part of Da Jay Leno Show. I find something wrong, funny or worse, EPIC FAIL i'll post it here. The first one is the name of a Chinese Restaurant in New York. It could go a couple ways. Definitely no pun intended. I had to beat Bhasie, Ant, & other people who want to post something to raise their profiles. Jay Leno mentioned it on his opening show. I think its funny. Its also the first...



Saturday, September 12, 2009

no regrets

Last night was fun. Went to a going away party n chilled. Only regret was level 4. Too many douchebags who claim to be VIP. Then zbar, Shack n Maddogs nothing great. Lulus was chill. Only downside was not seeing friends in line to go to zbar as i left. Could have given them my wristband. Oh well. Then back to Apartment3 then bar 7 n my night was done. Could have been worse. Glad it didnt. No worries. No big deal. But im glad i did what i wanted. I did a little more but it wasn't needed. But last night was good regardless. Tonight should be more of da same. But it will be early. NFL starts tomorrow.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Time to hit da Panic Switch...

or not? I did a lot this weekend. I did make a few mistakes that ultimately cost me. (See previous blog). But it was damn worth it! I went to a tailgate, First Friday, Sandys, Silversun Pickups & a bday party. Herez da run down from da weekend):

Thursday, 9/3, 8pm. Im dropped off @ Buffalo Wild Wings by Discovery Bay. Bought 6 of their 75 cent boneless wings. I tried like 9 of the 14 sauces so far. I tried the mango. Spicy stuff. 10 sauces down, 4 more to go.

(Flashback: the first time i had BWs boneless wings was in Dayton, when i first visited in October 2007. Tried 1 mild flavors & 1 spicy during the trip. Luckily, i was hanging out with old friends. I returned again to UD this past april & Tried the two spiciest flavors. Big mistake. My tongue burned for hours n i couldn't get any that night on a night i absolutely had to. I ended up getting the 5th mildest & it calmed me down. Since then, I waited patiently until it finally came to da 808 this past july. Since then, i am getting closer to trying all 14 sauces, & will do so by the end of the year).

8:45: After finishing my post class meal n went to apple store ala moana, i go home. Friday will be a great day.

Friday, 9/4: 9am: I wake n go to chaminade again. All i do is research & meet with my professor about my schedule for fall 2009 (note: grad school is run in quarters, not semesters) & hang out with a few buddies. I skipped their ice cream social since i was hoping to hear a call from the radio station for Silversun Pickups intimate studio gig.

11am: I don't get da call. But i managed to get a workout done & prepare for a great weekend ahead. @ least i don't have to finish work for class on tuesday. I just show up & I have an A for the class. As for my thursday class, i have to review notes then do a take-home exam.

1:30pm: I do the unthinkable: go to da stadium for a good friend's bday tailgate.

2:30pm: I stop @ pearlridge first to get money n eat my only meal of the day.

3:30pm: I go to Sack & Save by da stadium so i can get a road drink. This is for me to consume @ da tailgate in case i decide not to drink from their stuff. I sample lemonade while im there. Good stuff.

3:45: I arrive. Plan on bringing it to da young'nz n chillin. Then leave before it gets too dark.

4pm: I put my drink down. I chill n meet new people as well as a few i haven't seen since i last went to a house party. Good thing there's red bull! Thats all i drank the rest of da tailgate. I even did a redbull bong. Three cans of redbull downed in 30 seconds.

4:30pm: I chill @ my friend from maui's near by tailgate. The cops show up to the one i just left. They confiscated all 3 kegs. Funny stuff. Good thing it's not mine. Someone's not getting any back.

5pm: Tailgate continues. I only drink red bull. Still. I liked watching people get bus up before my eyes.

5:15pm: I was given a beer, but gave it up when i convinced someone to makeout with another girl. This is when it got ugly.

5:20pm: Dude took my beer n opened it n poured it on the girls that were kissing. Dude got his asskicked. I didn't see it i just walked away n went to use da restroom.

5:30pm: I see 2 old friends from HPU (they are part of their NC cheerleading squad). They chill & we take a few photos. (note: I tend to get lazy eye when photos are taken) But i could tell the closer it was to darkness, closer to gametime.

6:30pm: Cops shut it down. I leave anyway. I sneak a red bull for da road, as well as a beer in my pocket (which i gave to one of the girls who left with me, she's my age FTW)

6:45pm: on da bus going back to chinatown. Arrive just in time for kickoff.

7:30pm: I go to SOHO, the new spot in Chinatown to try some free steeze. Good stuff. I walk around to see the game.

8:30pm: Manifest, across from Bar 35, 39 Hotel, & next door. Great spots. All packed despite the game. Guess its cheaper to hit da town instead of da game.

9:00pm: I bounce between Murphys & OTooles for game scores n music.

9:30pm: I get a tip from Super CW that Silversun Pickups is lurking. I wonder what that means...

9:45pm: I'm big dog status in Chinatown. I go past da lines n get in free. The bouncers know me. I always meet someone new or different on first friday. Once it was Malika Dudley from KGMB. Another time it was a band that played once @ Loft. Tonight it could be the band.

10pm: I'm back @ SOHO. I listen to the Deadbeats. I see a caveman lookalike (my old HS teacher, who works @ honolulu weekly, is nicknamed the caveman for his beard that reminds me of those in the Geico commercials. So easy... u know what it is)

10:05pm: It's Brian from the Silversun Pickups! He remembers me! We chill for a few minutes. Talk about how life is on da island. How the band is doing, etc. This is like the 5th person from a band that says he knows me (then again, people like me look alike). The rest of the band (minus Nikki, the female member) was also there but Brian was B&R here.

10:10pm: We take a photo. He doesn't act funny compared to the first time i met him @ da radio station 18 months earlier when i met them n saw their acoustic performance. Told him i'll be there tomorrow & he will shout out me. Nice.

10:15pm: I tip off others on where to go. I tell them SOHO, there are special guests there. If they can find them. Lol.

10:30pm: One more walkthrough to all the other spots. I see a drunk friend who is close to KTFO. Two of my other friends are there too. I help her to a taxi. She kissed me. WTF. @ least she didn't puke on me. Also UH WINS!

10:45: I walk to JJ Dolans n see a couple of other friends of mine. One was close to out. The other was taking photos. I was ready to bounce.

11:05pm: I almost miss my bus home. Luckily, I made it. I was stoked for the night. Tomorrow will be something else.

Saturday, 9/5: I get picked up & go to sandys. Watch Red Bull Rivals with the best surfers from town vs. the best from country. Great format. Friends were there. So were lots of Red Bull, food, & good times. I even went swimming. I stay from 10:30-4.

I meet up with two other new friends (from St. Marys in Texas) in which we had a long conversation on spots to go, when to tailgate, party, etc. I'm doing it as a favor for a good friend of mine who went to school with me 3 years earlier. I can't wait to see them again.

I get home @ 6 after making a pitstop @ Kapiolani Park for their Okinawan Festival. Not too special. Then i go to da show.

7:45pm: I'm @ Pipeline Cafe. I buy my tickets. Then a van pulls up with the band & roadies. Nikki comes out first. I say hello & smile. Shook hands again with Brian. Then Joe & Chris come out. We exchange greetings. I go in for the show.

8:00pm: I run into BJ Penn. We take a photo then he playfully tries to apply his rear-naked choke standing. He's chill. He talked with security about when his fight could be. I hear Memphis, but its more likely Vegas in 2010. I enter & get in position.

8:15-8:45: Satellite Gray performs. Good stuff.

9pm: I talk story as everyone waits. Nows a good time to say that i had a friend who bailed on me for tonight. Glad i didn't get an extra ticket. Cuz of her, we may no longer be friends. Thats fine, im moving on & i have new friends to show for it as well as things turn me on better than she ever did. But i twitter & try to check da Bus GPS just in case.

9:30: Silversun Pickups comes on.

10:00: crowd gets into it. I move up close to da front. Ready for Panic Switch & Lazy Eye. I also liked There's No Secrets as well as Little Lovers So Polite.

10:30: U go Nikki! She has a sweet voice.

10:45: Panic Switch then Lazy Eye. Then a long encore. I liked how Brian talked about being home & Nikki talking about Diamond Head (thru twitter of all places).

11:25: Show over. I get a guitar pick & setlist. I end up dropping da setlist once i took a photo.

11:30: I bail. I catch da 42. Big mistake. Too many soles on the bus. As well as a wheelchair. It was this bus or be screwed.

11:45: I miss da 4 as i run from Smith to Nuuanu. I call my dad. He was pissed. I tried to run but da bus was too damn fast. I get home but not w/o explaining. (If u read my last blog, this is why i dont trust technology to get anywhere.)

Sunday, 9/6: I stay home most of da day to clean & workout. Then went to my friend's party @ Soho for a bit, then Apartment 3 for a quick stop @ their 70's party. Then Lulus for their Defend Hawaii promo. All 3 were packed. Then i went home early. Luckily, i got a ride when i went back downtown around midnight. I was sore n tired. I did have a beer but that was it.

I was so spent from the weekend, i slept in yesterday to recover. Nothing noteworthy cept skipping a BBQ @ Sandbar. I did have a great weekend (cept for missing da bus on sat). New friends, times shared, endless possibility & opportunity. It helps to have a plan. Always. U never know what to expect. I didn't expect to have a great weekend but i did. Time for a break myself after tests this week. Until next time, I leave u with highlights from a great weekend:

-A much more confident D-Rockmoney

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lets make 1 thing perfectly clear: HEA SUCKS!

I catch the bus. Everywhere. Every broke college kid who don't have rides or hate walking relies on it. Most don't like to admit it. But its the only way to get around if a good friend who does have rides screws u over. It is also easy for those that live in waiks or town n for those that live west side (since they get service 24/7).

The Bus @ least has a great website ( to check out maps n stuff as well as planning trips. But they have a new feature (that can be accessed via phone or online) that can be a pain, something that f***s up ur plans as well as affect ur thinking on what to do for the day. It is called HEA. It means Bus in hawaiian but it also means Honolulu Estimated Arrival. It's GPS for the bus

I was thinking who da f*** came up with that name. I can see that if Lil' Jon was still doing remixes today, most likely he should consider a parody of Bia Bia. With this lame system. If i were ever a rapper, the damn bus system is what i would be dissing. (HeA HeA)

Anyway, its a way to see when the bus exactly comes to ur bus stop n its pretty simple to use (go to n punch in the nearest street ur on. It gives u a list of which stops closest to u, then u use it to know the time the bus u need to catch arrives.

But there are many things i hate about this system (besides the name):

1. The system is not accurate: Often the bus comes too early or too late. & u don't know when exactly it will come. (Last night the last bus was supposed to come down town @ 11:49 according to google maps but when i got downtown @ exactly 11:45 the bus already passed me. I had to get a ride. Sad but true).

2. The system is slow. It works like magic on da computer but a pain in the butt on da phone. How am i supposed to know when it updates when the screen isn't able to refresh on da phone? That being said, the google maps should be updated as well.

3. The bus drivers don't know anything about it. The system is not promoted enough so people can plan better. Google maps is promoted enough. Even stupid tourists need to know what bus to catch n not rely on drivers which holds up the system. This also pisses off people who plan everything around the bus only to eventually miss the bus to transfer to.

The bus should change the name before it is made a mockery of. Also, the system needs to be updated as a whole so people can keep up with the times. I know its worse in waikiki but Kuhio ave needs to be redone so its better on busses & bikes. That way HEA could 1 day live up to its name n be accurate. But til then, HEA will always suck but we have to live n die by it.

Other notes:
I hate busses with small info screens. They often cut off info & aren't accurate. The two-line info screens work since they tell u da time n day n inform u points of interest too @ every stop. But some still have stop request only. But that's not bad. As long as u know where to go n know where the bus stops ur fine.

People should listen to the PA system on the bus. Like don't save seats, watch ur things, no eating drinking littering, turn ur phone off or dont use it, use da damn backdoor, etc. Common sense people!

A pissed off D-Rockmoney

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dumbass 101: How to get busted @ Apple Store

A man walked into the apple store the other day & got arrested for using a computer to do business. Seriously. Its not just any business. This pedophile was seen looking @ and downloading child pornography. This goes to show that curiosity killed cat and it looks like we found the suspect.

Link to this:

I admit to browsing the web in the Apple store. But only for facebook, twitter, news, & the stupid Bus GPS system (known as HEA, more on that in my next blog). But this is the icing on the cake when it comes to Apple eventually putting a lock on the public visiting the Apple store not to look for a computer, not for an Ipod or accessory, or even an i phone. To publicly search the net. Thanks to this asshole, as well as other kids who clog the apple store to check on other illegal activities, we may see store management putting a lock on web browsing. Thanks again asshole!


Friday, August 28, 2009

dope night

Got to pregame @ varsity. Get my class on. Went back for a huge encore. Tomorrow im ready for more. End of story.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I had a bad feeling (but had fun)

I got screwed this week. Big time. Me going 3/3 this week actually was 1/3. After a tough class on tuesday, & a midterm to prep for for accounting, I was beat. But I hoped to enjoy concerts with big acts and maybe even meet them. Herez how it went:

Tue. 8/11: Felicia comes n goes. The weather was bad. My class was mediocre @ best. I go home tired. No doubt the next day.

Wed. 8/12: Got to Blaisdell @ 7pm. Saw my old HS teacher (which i really don't like since hate is too strong), a so-called classmate that almost broke me down in class the night before, & other random people. I was standing next to a couple of former Miss Hawaiis, & got to enjoy a kickass No Doubt show. (side note, Paramore could have been a great opening act instead of Matt Costa but he wasn't too bad either since i met him @ Kokua Fest.) But i hoped to do something after, which was epic fail 1. It never went down. I went home. Tomorrows a new day, right?

Thur 8/13: Class sucked. Finished my homework as usual then started my test. Got to go see Filter's meet n greet. They were cool. The lead guy claims to met me before (most say that cuz most asians with glasses look alike lol). But they were nice enough to sign stuff n get a photo. Good post-class timing.

Fri. 8/14: Went to Leeward Bowl. Put up good scores but need to be ready for this coming wed, where i will have a showoff with 2 of my friends from my HS bowling team. I gotta see if, like Tyson, I still got it. Then saw The Goods. Funny. Then went to Kaneohe to get a closeup of what ill deal with 24 hours later. Good prep for sat. But that night was different. Three parties i went to were lame & my ride home was late. Epic Fail #2. Gotta look forward to sat, right? Hope to meet BEP.

Sat. 8/15: Worked out. Then went to Kailua for my pregame meal (& drink) then Bayfest. Glad to get there early. I had lots of Fun with Black Eyed Peas. But did i get the job done. NO! I @ least met Will I Am. But the show started late, there was pretty bad traffic, & the band didn't get on til 9. Their lame manager prevented people who wanted to meet them from getting in, even radio people. It was packed though, & I got great shots n posted some video too. All in all the day was great cept for the meet n greet part. EPIC FAIL #3. They played the hits but the hits didn't come for me. Fireworks turned to dust.

I felt bad for those who didn't make it but it was kick ass though. But i don't rate shows based on their hits. I base it on friendliness. 3DD was ok but pushy. BEP just bailed after w/o explanation. The long drive home was tiring. Traffic as usual. Plus i may need to go to the doctors since my left knee is sore. Tried from bayfest. Next year should be my last since i will be done with grad school by the time Bayfest 2010 comes, if @ all. So here comes goodbye to that after next year.

Glad i skipped a party. It was for someone i really don't like (no pun intended). Its like HBK still having beef with Bret Hart (ala montreal screwjob). In other words: I got two words for ya, screw it. No more drama was needed in my night. I know it too damn well. It would be nice to "crash" da party but i was too tired so i crashed myself. There will be others n i am taking a break from booze for now so i can lose weight. Wanna be a good person too. My new life starts now.

I am definitely moving forward from what has been a bad week mostly. That could have gotten a lot worse. Glad it didnt.
Taking a break from the nitelife too (unless a friendship is on the line its not important) until UH football kicks off. @ least im sgoing hiking n the weather is better. Also to get my new job finally. Its been too damn long since i left Sears. I need to live up to my name n ready to be new again (still debating on Taking Back Sunday n Silversun Pickups). Where do I go from here? God knows. But I gotta feeling its gonna get better from here. @ the very least, i had fun. Something i haven't had in awhile. Peace.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My life the last 2 weeks.

Been busy. Very busy. Still nothing new. I love being a free agent. But of course i am still a student so im technically not free but still. Classes killing me. But mostly chill. Can't wait til im done next summer. All da same for the good life on the town, where im like Visa, i go & am everywhere & accepted everywhere. But i gotta know when it's time to put good friends before those that have failed me. I always seem to chase what i think i can catch but i am not able to get it. TIme also is almost never on my side too. One of these nights I gotta go all night & take people for a ride until the first morning light.

B-day bash was dope. So is so many other places i usually roll thru. But it was most recently that i made it count. North Shore sucked today (bus breakdown @ Wahiawa) except for my frog splash @ waimea bay. I played poker too n @ least got my money back. Then made a late first friday appearance (is 10pm still late? Maybe but it was good while i was there). July 3 was epic fail. This time, epic awesomeness. Otooles, 35, 39, NextDoor, etc. was crackin. Too bad i know everyone n got in without paying. Talked storms with a certain KGMB 9 weather model then chilled @ SOHO. It doesnt hurt to go out n bail early n promise to come back. The door people remember n u dont have to wait in line. I enjoyed myself as usual with da homies. Then here comes the not on my side factor: quitting while im ahead. I left early, but @ what cost? I think I'll know what i missed thanks to the people who twitter on a regular basis. Then I'll know if it was worth it. Most BS but i'll know. Thats why I need to go all out one time & see if its worth it. Gotta do it with the homies.

Later today: Fight night n free shit, then probably going to Waiks for a little while @ Shack, Apartment 3, & Matty Liu @ Lulus. All in all twas a good day but herez to tomorrow n the next 10 days. No Doubt Wed. Bayfest next saturday. Wanna go 3 for 3 every day the next week. Wanna follow my life? Follow me @

Closing number today: Everyone loves @ catfight. Herez what i missed on wed (i was sick, sorry). Enjoy.

-Da rock money man

P.S.: My money is on Penn n my night will go smooth as silk tomorrow. But da big week starts now.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Good things about Hawaii

Going to a family reunion. Good memories. Good times.

Also going to big shows that rock. MGMT was ok but could have been better.

Now: Preparing for class n to get that new new.

Next: Going back on the scene this weekend for a b-day party & other cool stuff.

Later: Big Shows to prep for n work.

Monday, July 6, 2009

I feel old

I am now the big 23. I learned a lot from turning this age. I stop growing physically. I feel empty. But also I don't stop maturing and learning. I can also grow mentally & psychologically. I also know who i can rely on & move on from by now.

A lot has changed too. I got to enjoy my so-called "vacation" & time to go back to reality this week. Gotta stay humble & continue to land that job as well as go to school. I'd take anything at this point but it has to be something i can be happy with and enjoy as much as pay and benefits and around my time. My classes are again tuesday (marketing services) & thursday (accounting). Good schedule but a lot going on this august and september so i should prepare and not predict.

I still haven't lost sight of my goal of finishing grad school next summer. I could have taken 3 but i'm not ready so 2 is enough for me. I have to take the cards sometimes and play it out then see what happens from there.

In conclusion, I feel you can't trust everyone. This is where i hear "Poker Face" a lot. People get pulled up but brought down easy by the same person. It can be easy yet hard to read others. Check out Daughtry's version of Lady Gaga's hit song.

-Mr. Rockmoney

P.S.: Thanks for the b-day wishes to those that hollered

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

good summer ahead

after i go big island this week, i should have a new job by the time i start up class again the day after my b-day. Lots of stuff going on too. I am planning a great american b-day bash. Here are the following days, times & places:

July 3: First Friday (SOHO, Bar 35, etc.)
July 4: BBQ/ Party @ either Waikiki or Sandbar, followed by fireworks n Level 4)
July 5: Family Dinner/ Reunion (my actual b-day)

Also some big events going down too later this year:

August 12: No Doubt @ Blaisdell
August 15: Black Eyed Peas @ Bayfest Kaneohe Bay
September 4: UH Kickoff
September 5: Silversun Pickups @ Pipeline Cafe
September 15-25: Going to California & Vegas
(hope to include Blink 182 show & UH game)

I know its early but it doesn't hurt to plan, eh?


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Taking it hard

Been a tough week. Started strong got worse. First friday as usual was a success. Got to go to new places. Meet more interesting people. Saw the hangover hungover. Then chilled with a few homies. I got a test done and props to Bhasie for helping me out on a class project. Now i'm on a 3 week break (or until i get my new job, whatever comes 1st). But it was tough since a family member got sick and I need to find ways to get by with little. Also trying not to go out too much unless its really that important (homiez events, cheap food, drink, guarenteed ride homes, safe, etc.). I'm def. going beach tomorrow. Resume the quest monday. I need to get it before i turn 23. Otherwise, i'm screwed. Gotta rest up too.


-P.S.: Props to the Pens n Lakers gonna go 5.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tourism in Cleveland

Some dude decided to make some dumbass video about cleveland. This was made shortly after i visited Cleveland myself. Though some things are true (im not saying) most isn't. Shame on the guy who made it. But it is funny. Both Videos posted.

Mr. Rock-Money

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


i am excited to finish not only my paper for my masters class but a great weekend that could have gone the other way around but didn't. I postponed my sandbar trip until the time that friends of mine are going (preferably my 23rd b-day).

I also climbed Koko Head for the first time since i can remember. It was brutal but worth the trip. I was sore for days. It is tough to prepare for a hike when not in shape. I learned a great lesson to be prepared and the end of the journey is most rewarding when with a friend.

I was able to do the usual when i go out & about: take advantage of a good opportunity. The post-hike included an industry event that i have business going to even after a job fair early that morning. Many friends i chilled with & new ones made that day. I felt so far yet so close during my hiatus from working but i am that much closer to getting a rewarding job that i can definitely enjoy after working for nearly 2 years @ Sears.

Also, i took advantage of other free events that was great due to the heavy promotion and seeing the people on the scene more than i am. The first involved an anniversary and booze. The second was a fundraiser, where i enjoyed myself and had a good time. The post-fundrasier was @ the Shack, where Natural Vibes killed it like they usually do before the bus ride and short cab home.

A family reunion on sunday for my sister's 21st b-day and a north shore trip monday completed my weekend. The downside was i had a paper to finish today which i completed. At least I got it done despite feeling rushed. I had difficulty in coming up with ways to put it together. My next project, my final exam for my thursday class. I have a good friend who runs a shop that I was reluctant to buy from @ first but i stop by whenever I'm around near my former workplace. Wanna guess who i will focus on my paper? Stay tuned. Have to prepare better the next time. Time for rest & a real day off. Peace.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

WTF is up with people?

Hate when people blow me off when I greet them. It blows. Also hate it when i don't see myself recognized when i'm chilling with them. I don't mean to be negative or be seen that way. I'm a friend to them as much as they are to me. I put them on the spot in a good way but when it comes to them to me, they don't give a shit. WTF is wrong with that? It shows that I do have some work to do so I can get noticed. But I am not a fugly, unlike other famous people worldwide. I'm putting those on blast that blow me off (i'm talking to the obvious that I see everywhere) as well as those that don't make sense.

Anyways, life is hard & we need to keep working to get that something that we crave. I rarely lose focus, but when i do, i pick it back up quick. The next several months will test me. It won't be long until I can get that Masters & then who will be laughing in the end? We shall see. Karma can comeback to u. It is also destiny for some. We all fall easy but getting up is hard. I'm still getting up. But to those that are up? Y'all gonna come back down. Believe that. What goes up must come down.

I got a good job offer coming. A walk to remember. & an end is near.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Eating my words...

Should be studying for a midterm. But i'm ready for whatever comes my way. Props to those graduating & almost there (or @ least done with finals). Also, props to my mainland homies. My new new is gone. I'm glad we got to know each other. The 808 is going to be interesting this summer. Gotta get that job & get that money.

Other props:
Pac-man K'd TFO Patton
Lebron MVP
May Day Chinatown
Seether's cover of "Careless Whisper"


Thursday, April 30, 2009

No Need To Panic!

I got another song thats rocking. A song that has you on edge but is very visualy appealing despite dark moments. Dig Panic Switch by the Silversun Pickups. I met these guys last year when they came to Hawaii and now they have an improved reportuire. Check out the video! Good way to deal with the stress of Finals!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Life. Wasted. (Sears can suck it!)

Job hunting is a beyotch! I failed to get that new job i went to da go for. Now I really need to get a new job. Need to focus on school too. As for May 1st, it is a key day to get what i need (want is an understatement) since it is May Day. In Hawaii, its Lei day. For others, its "get laid" day. I don't call it get laid, but to get made. Finally get over my trip & to set myself straight. The class of 2009 is getting off & I don't want to fall further behind in getting a new job. It's also the next to last chance @ glory (hanging out with that new new before she leaves for good) & to make a lasting mark.

A refresher for me in the form of an ex-flame. The following video is to those that broke my heart. The Fray cover's Kanye West's "Heartless." Dig it. Hear it. Feel it.

good luck to all y'all finishing up school. As for those still there, step it up & keep it up. Thats what I need to do before I get my job, action & my masters!

old school song: No Sex in the Champagne Room by Chris Rock

Heard this song during a "gathering" in Dayton 3 weeks ago. Found the video. Pretty much everyone in the party talked every line. Enjoy!


old school comedy

Funny Chris Rock video on not to get busted!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

On Point!

Good to be home. As much as I will miss being on the mainland, its all chill here. House parties are risky anyway since if you are the only of age person in the room you may get hit hardest by all them snitches under 21 when it comes to popo questions. 

Anyways, not too much going on around town except praying for those on Awakening #21 as well as the start of the NBA playoffs & stuff. Meeting new people as always & chilling in good places. 

I definitely will be going to the Mainland again either this summer or this September (during a break in my masters) to reunite with my west coast homies. Hard to debate whether the 614 is better than the 619. But the O don't deserve me if the people from there screw with me or not get back to me. 

Anyways good times then good times now. Thats all i care to think about. Also, got the Cavs winning the NBA finals & the most anticipated May 1st ever. What will happen then? Stay tuned.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ohio Pro (Part 2 of my trip to the midwest)

Saturday like hulk hogan, D-rockmoney was running wild!

I got back late after the bars close @ 2:30am but got up early to go to a bar @ 6am & returned in time to send Mike off to West Virginia with his friends. Then the running wild part started.

Was going to the Mall but decided to blaze to the Queen City! Beautiul Day in Ohio Nei. Thats what I say. Anyway I drove to Kentucky to get some chicken & some lovin (i mean lottry ticket & gas) then drove back to see the Cincinatti Stadiums, Arena & the area where 3 Doors down shot the "It's Not My Time" video a year ago.

Then back to Dayton before going to Columbus, where I drove by the Crew Stadium, "The Ohio State University" & the scene in & around the "Red Light District," the arena district. Where I could have seen Yung Joc but opted for more of a mix of cheap, strong drinks @ bars with no cover, & some new cuties for friends. (More on the so called friends who bailed on me later).

They party big, & cheap too! I drank enough to survive & advance (hookup) then returned to an empty Dayton, where I was blasting Ghost Town from the Shiny Toy Guns on the way back.

Sunday was my day of rest & Palm Sunday. I got my palm then went to the Outlet mall for some good clothes i'm rocking now. Then Dayton Mall before the storm was coming down.

For the record, I said i wasn't going to Detroit but when i heard of a free concert I wanted to jump on it, esp. with Staind, Fergie, & Gym Class Heroes. I passed the airport & wanted to cry.

So I decided to turn the car around & stay in Dayton for Wrestlemania! Went to Roosters, & Hooters to see die hard fans cheer on Taker, Cena, Triple H, & CM Punk win their matches. Great night, then home to pack. But not before my last supper @ Golden Corral.

Woke @ 8am yesterday (EDT) then off to the airport, where god was able to bring me home, but not without a D-Money first: Snow! I did my best Lebron impersonation with the snow before flying to the go, where i litteraly wanted to eat some leftover snow. Then SFO to beautiful weather before I returned home before dark & UNC winning the National Championship.

I can say that I have walked & drove my road to redemption on this trip (without the going to jail part) & met many allies, colleagues, & friends. Some new, some lost. No regrets about what I did & didn't do, & i forgive & forget the people who I tried to reach but failed. But I found me, & all I can be when I finish my MBA next year. The party's over. Back to reality tonight!

Noelani, random new girls, Brigid, Mike, Beth, Rob, Mallory, 344 Nassau St, Brendan & all the people that have hollered @ me

Gina C, Michaela K, Anina Q, Katie S, & those I wanted to see but blew me off!


P.S.: Thanks for the memories Dayton! Will never go back (to ok).

Friday, April 3, 2009

Coming into the cold...

Damn Ohio is so cold. So was Chicago. After a successful meeting (though that doesn't mean i got a new job, yet) I moved on to Dayton, where it is so cold.

I chilled with my old friend & was able to meet some new people (the exact same way as last time I came here in October, 2007, randomly). Plenty of hookups, drinking games, & hot spots.
I chilled Downtown Dayton today before UD went on spring break (putting them all on blast for bouncing early).

Then traveled over 300 miles & many highways (with my friend) to Cleveland for shopping, photo ops (Rock & Roll Hall of fame & 3 sports stadiums) & a dinner for my long-lost friend. An 808 kid can hardly survive 40 degree temps here. But it was worth it since i miss her & met new people @ the same time. The trip back, however was all pitch black but we got back fast. We even ran into a White Castle. Then did one last driveby thru Daytons entertainment district.

Tomorrows gonna be fun. Unfortunately, due to severe weather, (& UD on spring break) the trip to the Final Four in Detroit has been cancelled. The decision was made after my group got to cleveland. However, I will take in a baseball game in Dayton tomorrow then shopping in a Columbus suburb before watching the games in Columbus. After that, we shall see.

Part 2 coming.


Tuesday, March 31, 2009


D-Rock has come back to the mainland.

I will be in Chicago for an interview.

Dayton for one final reunion.

Columbus & Cleveland to makeup.

Detroit for the Final Four.

What else could I have in store?

Stay tuned for the answer.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Broke

Good stuff so far spring break. Only regret was not to finish my online class until monday when i could have finished on fri. But @ least I got it done. Both classes (my friday night & online) are As. So far so good start to my MBA studies. Need to keep it up to finish next summer & get a better paying job to pay for it in the meantime.

I also have to enjoy the 2 weeks. Im going to Chicago next week for an interview for a sales position that will keep me in Hawaii, then spending the next 4 days returning to Ohio to visit old friends. Also gonna go to Detroit to check out the city & final four festivities (not da games). It will be a fun trip. I leave next tuesday & return monday April 6th. Good times lie ahead, but i better bring my A game to the interview if I want to get that money.

Other than that, Friday was an early night but took advantage of good deals. Free booze all night. Did not pay a dime thanks to CW & myopenbar. Tikis has potential & Lulus is back but I'm leaning toward Flash & Matty Boy or even Nella for a Friday night special if an opening were available. Will make that decision when I return from Ohio (& if I can get that job).

Saturday was awesome to be a fan & for Spring Broke. Only downside from all the games was Gonzaga over my upset special. Spring Broke was great. Too bad I left early since I had to work early. Sunday was good too. Finished work on time and played drunken dodgeball. This was fun. So was dinner @ KBC. Then VLounge. I will be making cameo appearances all over town for Spring Break.

My schedule:
Tomorrow: North Shore (pop rocks n waves), work, then Acid Wash/ D&Bs
Thursday: Work, postgame, then Journey concert?
Friday: Sandys, trail & more T.B.D.
Saturday: Games, Volleyball, Ocean Expo & night on.
Sunday: Work, discount day, & rest.

Gonna be a great rest of da week, then the real fun begins.


1st Round Bracket Picks (& how they fared)

Midwest Region:
1 Louisville over 16 Morehead St (Win)
8 Ohio St over 9 Siena (Loss in all but one bracket)

5 Utah over 12 Arizona (Loss)
4 Wake Forest over 13 Cleveland St
(Loss in all but one bracket; not same as above)

11 Dayton over 6 West Virginia (Win)
3 Kansas over 14 South Dakota St (Win)

10 USC over 7 Boston College (Win)
2 Michigan St over 15 Robert Morris (Win)

1st Round Picks: 5-3 (Most), 6-2 (2 others)

West Regional
1 UCONN over 16 Chattanoga (Win)
9 Texas A&M over 8 BYU (Win)

5 Purdue over 12 Northern Iowa (Win)
4 Washington over 13 Mississippi St (Win)

6 Marquette over 11 Utah St (Close Win)
3 Missouri over 14 Cornell (Win)

10 Maryland over 7 Cal (Win)
2 Memphis over 15 Northridge (Win)

1st Round Picks: 8-0 (All brackets)

East Regional
1 Pittsburgh over 16 E. Tenn St (Win)
9 Tennessee over 8 Oklahoma St (Loss)

5 Florida St over 12 Wisconsin
(Loss in all but one bracket, see Cleveland St comment)
4 Xavier over 13 Portland St (Win)

6 UCLA over 11 VCU (Close Win, loss in 2 brackets)
3 Villanova over 14 American (Win)

7 Texas over 10 Minnesota (Win)
2 Duke over 15 Binghamton (Win)

1st Round Picks: 7-1 (main) 6-2 (others)

South Regional
1 North Carolina over 16 Radford (Win)
9 Butler over 8 LSU (Loss)

12 Western Kentucky over 5 Illinois (Win)
4 Gonzaga over 13 Akron (Win)

6 Arizona St over 11 Temple (Win)
3 Syracuse over 14 Stephen F. Austin (Win)

10 Michigan over 7 Clemson (Win)
2 Oklahoma over 15 Morgan St (Win)

1st Round Picks: 7-1

I will post 2nd round updates & update blog when game times come around.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Patricks Day & March Madness!

Time for a D-Money rewind. Friday the 13Th was dope (before the rain came down) the next day was boring (so I went to a movie instead). Sunday I was into the Selection Show (see who got screwed, who's in, etc.) for March Madness (more on that in a moment).

But nothing compared to St. Patrick's Day, where the madness went down (town, that is). I worked until 4. Then worked out (to speed up recovery time; big mistake!). Then went home to get ready to own the night.
Got back Downtown before dark. The whole block was crowded. I was smart to pregame before I went lightweight nuts. Otooles, Murphy's, & everywhere was going off! Thanks to Metromix for the photo of me on top. Left for a few to go to Pearl. Failure. But got beads, hats, & a breather.

Returned downtown 1/2 hour later. Crazy still. I did sample irish um, foods & bs'd my way into getting cab money (which I didn't need this night though my friends did) n free red bull via DD tent. Choke girls stole my beads & fake hats, too bad they never got my real one.

How they stole it? Well, lets just say they made me very lucky on this night (think kiss me, im irish, thats what she said). Ran into everyone, & met some random people that I'm sure don't remember me (I remember, but I suffer from lazy eye, so that affects my memory more than drinking ever will). FIY: I did drink only once (see below).

Thank god i went home instead of going to Waikiki. Once 10 rolled around, people were still going nuts @ Otooles & Murphy's. The streets would not reopen until midnight, when I was dead & gone. Thank god the bus was late so I could catch my breath, & smell a sweet irish creme scent (what she also said, lol). The knockout punch was an irish car bomb followed by a makeout. I heard the bar had to close shortly afterward as a result of "overcrowding." I ran to the bus & got home & fell asleep after, still reminiscing that last kiss goodnight.

Today, I recovered, but can't remember anything (thank you AL!). All the spots were dead since people were recovering from a wonderful celebration. I woke buzzed but still went to UH for the paper plane competition, a total disaster for me but got free red bull to revive me. @ least work was dead too afterward. Tonight I rest.

But in da morning:
Bracket time. Gonna watch em all. Got a couple of trendy upset picks. W. Kentucky to the Sweet 16 (don't get me wrong, a double digit seed has made it several years in a row to the Sweet 16). I got Memphis, Louisville, UNC & Pitt (like everyone else) n UNC to win it all. Will post again once the 1st round is done. However, I will savor the good time that was SPD & look forward to Spring Break (& an interview in Chicago enroute to Michigan & Ohio). Good luck with ur brackets after you got lucky two days before (she said it again! ha!). You will thank your lucky stars but don't iron a clover or you'll press your luck!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Gives You Hell...

Went to the All-American Rejects Concert on Saturday after bailing work early due to an "optional" meeting. Got there just in time for them to hit the stage. But I refused to pay $40 bucks for a show that looked more sold out than the night before (heck, they had more energy since they didn't have to do two shows the same day after traveling from Japan). Saw a kid who drank outside but was barred from the building cuz he was under 21. I gave him $10 then went in. The show was awesome. Was able to sneak to the front. Almost lost my glasses but my shoes were f'd up. Also enjoyed getting sprayed by the vents (ala 30 Seconds to Mars 2007). Got a guitar pick, recorded cool video & took photos. Favorite song: Gives You Hell. It's obvious why. Anyways, 1 hour was a good price for $10 to see AAR. Originally, i was gonna listen outside or skip it altogether. Will post more soon. Also went to a "drift" party @ Chinatown then went home. Nothing special otherwise. Sears is ready to go bye bye soon. & class sucked friday before an hour in chinatown (where i never pay cover or wait in line) then tired. Can't wait for this friday. My two favorite promos, Metromix & Matty Liu, team up for a good evening. Of course I have class then I'm going. Then maybe Level 4. Can't wait for this weekend & SPD!
-D-MGMT yeah u know me!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I'm stepping my game up. It's time to prove my doubters wrong. At work, at home, in class, around town, everywhere i go. There are people who say things you don't want to hear (friends included). I have learned hard this weekend that you don't need to be everywhere to have a good time. You need to pick and choose wisely. Otherwise, if u do it all too soon, you might miss something (or in my case, lose it). I need to set aside my plans n be ready for them and plan everything (even the now). So I will take a break the next few days (outside of work n class) so I can be ready to go for Saturday. I am ready for the rest of winter to be over already so I can get back to Spring!
-Daniel "the rockmoney maker" Lee Soon

P.S. Tikis March 13! Be there!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What's eating Da Rock Money maker this week?

Work is bad as usual. I will be leaving Sears since they don't seem to get the point. I don't want to be statistic. I want to be me. They won't let me. So I will show them who's da boss of me. I'm waiting until April so I don't lose my benefits (vacation time, bonus for staying, etc.).

The Scene is banging as usual. Pepper concert was good (I heard) from outside. So was the post-concert @ the Radio Station yesterday. Good times. Hung with them for a few too. Forget spending money. Met some cool people & learned from "insiders" as well as chilled @ the spots (The Shack, V-Lounge, Tikis, Lulus, etc.). More on the insiders in a moment. New people I met too.

My classes are tough as usual. My online class looks simple but requires work. My friday class seems interesting but ends up confusing. But I am sticking it out & there is no way out until I can overcome March Madness & make it to Spring Broke & my return trip to Ohio.

My life is busy as usual. No time to rest, when it comes to being the best. Vacato can wait one month from today. No looking ahead or behind.

My friends can be hot & cold. They can be cool @ first, blow me off the next.

About the Insiders: They are people that see me everywhere, know me & can drop a hint or too on reminding me that image is everything. Thanks to JCut for that one. Also, CW, Rob, Matty, Cano, Maleko, & others I see on the almost neverending scene.

About the line in the sand: My best friend since HS can be very picky, selfish, & boring. He thinks he can blow me off? I'm blowing him off this friday so I can focus on what I need to do not do what he wants to do.

About Whats Ahead: Mardi Gras, Ash Wed/Anthony's B-day, Kickball w/ some special guests, judgement day/ great after party, & rest. I'm out.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why This Week Sucked

Last friday was great. Saturday was lame. But it was sunday that i felt blame.
I missed out on an event sun @ level 4, & i missed out on a chance to score
Sears sucks as usual I want out but taking a mangers job no one wants? I have doubts.
Ecolounge was good Kickball was a no go too many pussies and assholes instead playing marco polo
Varsity is a dead spot downtown u may get shot waikiki is hot but too many fights on the block
My week was a waste a total disgrace I hope the weekend will be back in place
Rest tomorrow no pain no sorrow i wont be wasting time cuz its not borrowed.
Pepper monday, mardi gras tuesday u know im out & about its time u be choosy.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday The 13th

It's friday the 13th (again) & that means:

Bad luck? Not today. I keep it on the low. Plus tomorrow is valentines day (a day i don't care too much about this year since i am single again).
Big News: Friday the 13th is in theaters and Rock On The Range is huge this year! I could go but I will wait until next summer since I will be focused on school and possibly a new job.
Breakout: This is a 3 day weekend (includes one day work) so I will be out & about.

This weekend is gonna be good (depends on your situation).


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend Done

Weekend was good (as usual). Carnival was overrated (I see why these events are worse than rock concerts, old people n nowhere to go in a wider space), Pro Bowl was a good game, the festivities were ok, but the clubs were expensive (major city type prices to meet only one famous person). Good thing I enjoyed my friday night @ Tikis with a good band than waste money @ a fancy place. Then saturday I should have gone to Barefoot League up Kapahulu. Instead, a boring fan festival, an ok block party, & that damn carnival where I almost got hurt by a damn senior citizen, n my friend almost got trampled by kids in their strollers. I will never go back @ night due to the crowd n slow mofos. The weekend is dead & gone. Wonder whats up for next week? God knows but fridays @ Tikis are the spot! Life will be getting hard in grad school. Stay tuned for more goody goody stuff.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Video from Shiny Toy Guns Show

Great song from Shiny Toy Guns. Funny I told a punk ass kid to stop pushing or not see this on youtube. Enjoy!


Saturday, January 31, 2009

What I learned so far in 2009...

Six-pack of facts that I have been able to learn from so far in 2009. 1 good month down, 11 interesting more to go. Here is some tough facts:

Lesson #1: I can't turn away from things that I have grown accustomed to.
Example: Going back to Chaminade for grad School.

Lesson #2: Hard to say goodbye to someone who really has feelings for you.
Example: Another good friend, this time one who I was really close to for the past few months, is leaving, & now because of her, Screw Ohio! Hello Cali!

Lesson #3: I learned that you can never lose anything if you remember some of it.
Example: Playing kickball, I never lost my groove as a pitcher, & I am still undefeated as a pitcher by default (thanks to Ocean's usual blown calls).

Lesson #4: I have been able to move on, even though i don't want to admit it.
Example: Still have feelings for Angela, Kristin, & others I remember from 2008.

Lesson #5: My luck can be hot or cold, depending on the circumstances.
Example: I get lucky one day, then fall flat the next. This also means that for every person I meet, they can be cool with me one day, then blow me off the next.

Lesson #6: I still haven't found what I'm looking for.
Example: A new job, new love interest, & a purpose for me being me.

For now, I can say that I am Ok with how my life is for now. Especially after going all out last night. I will not back out of my friday night class the rest of the term. I can say I got lucky last night. I accomplished my task without regret, without surrender & with purpose. AQ was happy to be with me @ the Shiny Toy Guns concert & I was able to hang out with Sara afterward. The concert was great; too bad i didn't get to V-Lounge in time to chill @ the after-party with my boys I saw @ the show. I also got back to basics this week to get my life straight & met some new people in the process. But all in all a good start to 2009 (including Sony Open & Elevaters concert, not the BJ Penn fight). February will be better, especially with whats ahead. Off to bed. Steelers will win tomorrow super bowl! Rock Money out!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Revolutionary Reunion Coming...

The next couple weeks will be very good to me. Friday despite class will be a great night. Debating whether to go to the Shiny Toy Guns concert or go to a friend's last dinner. Either way, one will be happy, the other I will break their heart. I don't, however, want to spend too much money. But I gotta do what I gotta do to be happy. I definitely will be happy either way while having regret for someone else. I also gotta carry stuff going straight from class. Will make a decision before friday afternoon and sticking too it. Also, got the Super Bowl, the BJ Penn Fight, then the Pro Bowl. Going to be a great couple weeks, outside of Grad School n work. Def need a new job.

Good last couple of days away from staying out late. Too tired from work & class. Taking a little break. Chinese New Year Chinatown was great. So was Revolutionary Road. Sad but good. Better than Slumdog Millionare, Notorious, or even that Underworld movie. Great choice. Second great movie I saw lately. Well off to bed. More to do, less time to do it later. Shoots.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mixed Plate

Great but dreaded week for me. I started my Grad School journey. I added my 2 classes i needed. Sadly, friday nights (early evenings) suck for me but it will be over before I know it. Also, I can party after class. So my new classmates can kick back & chill after a dreaded 4 hour class. But I will miss first friday & the friday before pro bowl, but its not that big a deal. Luckly the other class is online, so I can go to chaminade anytime to check in & do all the things I need to do. Also, the job fair sucked, so I need to look for better jobs elsewhere (& avoid the soap opera that is Sears). I need to comitt to class so I can look forward to a better future. Great night watching the Elevaters as well as Deadbeats, & Matty Liu throws it down fridays @ Tikis & saturdays @ Red Lion UH. It's gonna be crackin again! Can't wait for pro bowl week. Well, off to Waialae tomorrow. Laters.

Friday, January 9, 2009

All In!

I am a grad school student now! I can't wait to start going back to school after a nearly 8-month hiatus. Well, why back to grad school? There are several reasons:

1. The Economy. Most everyone who graduated in the past year is having trouble finding a job in something they love, with few exceptions. As for me. I don't want to work a dead-end job anymore. I want to take control of my destiny. My life. I spent last semester on the sidelines because I wanted to see if I can land a job on my own. Found some interesting companies, but no jobs came up. I'm going back to school because there are better jobs out there that I can get with an advanced degree. I gotta buckle down so I finish my degree before 2011.

2. The surroundings. I miss being on campus, with friends as well as professors who push me to work hard and study hard. I enjoy the atmosphere even though the classes suck. But I gotta suck 'em up and do my best to survive and finish, then I can relax. I relaxed too much & now I am starting to fall behind. At least I know most of the faculty I would be learning from.

3. My experience. It seems like most jobs these days require experience on top of a college degree. Also, resources that were supposed to help you ends up being useless. I am an assistant-manager now @ Sears, but it is a job that is not satisfying & not worthwhile in the long run as I seek a better job to no avail. My internship for my senior research project is no good because the non-profit organization I worked with my senior semester (who needs us students to come up with a plan to keep it alive) is no longer operating, losing a valuable resource and against my future goals. At least I am building up resources during my time away to make myself a better person and to work smarter and harder to better shape me as I go through a grueling 2-year process of going from a BA to an MBA.

4. The Lifestyle. I like the fact that classes are once a week (including one online). But sadly, my friday nights (@ least early evenings for two and a half months) will be in a classroom on a dead campus. It's something I am willing to sacrifice for the short-term for a better career later. I also have fridays off anyway, so its no big deal & I can go to my friend's events afterward.

5. The Sacrifice. I am paying big now to make it big later. 'Nuff said.

Well, that's why I'm going back to school. Real Life can wait! Parties can be on hold too. Time to hit the books again! I also will be busy next week with only 3 shifts, a friend graduating from HPU, as well as VIP greenside on the #17th Hole @ the Sony Open in Hawaii. Late.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

The New Beginning...

2009 is fresh & great. My first couple days included work & laying low watching a few games, then checking out First Friday. Worst decision I made so far? Watching The Spirit. I can see why this movie is nothing like 300 & Sin City. I walked out 15 minutes into the movie & got a quick refund since I knew the beginning wasn't special. Also, I wanted to see how the Blue Scholars was. I got in free, then took a quick trip across town to Waikiki, where I saw this dude on the ground, & people were saying "you got knocked the F*** out" over him. Cops everywhere. Most nightclubs slow. Cirque is history, my boy Matty Liu got me working with him for Pink Fridays @ Tikis, but that was slow also. Level 4 packed, but going down sooner or later. The Shack was ok, but not my type of place with a $15 cover. Zanzabar the same old boring spot. Of course, too many ghetto people & pros (you know, the other kind). Then back to Chinatown, where I saw a great performance from the Blue Scholars. Every spot bumping, & of course more cops. Got home shortly before 2. Looks like I will enjoy my new friday night(& select saturday) job.

2009 will also be different & a new era is begining. Because President Sue Wesselkamper, a good friend of my former high school headmaster @ the Academy of The Pacific (my high school) passed away early this morning. She was a great leader, & role model for all. Despite being busy, she was very helpful for getting me into Chaminade when I looked at a scholarship offer to going to the mainland @ either the University of the Pacific or Seattle University. I wanted to stay home. Great choice. I was also able to graduate on time. When I last saw her healthy, @ the commencement ball & again @ graduation, I was able to thank her for everything she has done for Chaminade & for me. That was when I got Senior of the Year & my diploma, respectively. Time flys fast & you don't know what you've got until its gone. May god bless the her family. She will be missed. Chaminade will never be the same. Ever. Everything changed for the better since she came in. Her permanent successor will have big shoes to fill.

My message to everyone this coming year, continue to let god's light shine in your life so you can be able to shine & reach out to others even when you or anyone else is down & out. Do it always. Day or night, down or up, near & far. I leave you with a song that relays the message. Watch the video & understand the meaning of this David Cook song. RIP President Sue!