Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lets make 1 thing perfectly clear: HEA SUCKS!

I catch the bus. Everywhere. Every broke college kid who don't have rides or hate walking relies on it. Most don't like to admit it. But its the only way to get around if a good friend who does have rides screws u over. It is also easy for those that live in waiks or town n for those that live west side (since they get service 24/7).

The Bus @ least has a great website ( to check out maps n stuff as well as planning trips. But they have a new feature (that can be accessed via phone or online) that can be a pain, something that f***s up ur plans as well as affect ur thinking on what to do for the day. It is called HEA. It means Bus in hawaiian but it also means Honolulu Estimated Arrival. It's GPS for the bus

I was thinking who da f*** came up with that name. I can see that if Lil' Jon was still doing remixes today, most likely he should consider a parody of Bia Bia. With this lame system. If i were ever a rapper, the damn bus system is what i would be dissing. (HeA HeA)

Anyway, its a way to see when the bus exactly comes to ur bus stop n its pretty simple to use (go to n punch in the nearest street ur on. It gives u a list of which stops closest to u, then u use it to know the time the bus u need to catch arrives.

But there are many things i hate about this system (besides the name):

1. The system is not accurate: Often the bus comes too early or too late. & u don't know when exactly it will come. (Last night the last bus was supposed to come down town @ 11:49 according to google maps but when i got downtown @ exactly 11:45 the bus already passed me. I had to get a ride. Sad but true).

2. The system is slow. It works like magic on da computer but a pain in the butt on da phone. How am i supposed to know when it updates when the screen isn't able to refresh on da phone? That being said, the google maps should be updated as well.

3. The bus drivers don't know anything about it. The system is not promoted enough so people can plan better. Google maps is promoted enough. Even stupid tourists need to know what bus to catch n not rely on drivers which holds up the system. This also pisses off people who plan everything around the bus only to eventually miss the bus to transfer to.

The bus should change the name before it is made a mockery of. Also, the system needs to be updated as a whole so people can keep up with the times. I know its worse in waikiki but Kuhio ave needs to be redone so its better on busses & bikes. That way HEA could 1 day live up to its name n be accurate. But til then, HEA will always suck but we have to live n die by it.

Other notes:
I hate busses with small info screens. They often cut off info & aren't accurate. The two-line info screens work since they tell u da time n day n inform u points of interest too @ every stop. But some still have stop request only. But that's not bad. As long as u know where to go n know where the bus stops ur fine.

People should listen to the PA system on the bus. Like don't save seats, watch ur things, no eating drinking littering, turn ur phone off or dont use it, use da damn backdoor, etc. Common sense people!

A pissed off D-Rockmoney

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