Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Time to hit da Panic Switch...

or not? I did a lot this weekend. I did make a few mistakes that ultimately cost me. (See previous blog). But it was damn worth it! I went to a tailgate, First Friday, Sandys, Silversun Pickups & a bday party. Herez da run down from da weekend):

Thursday, 9/3, 8pm. Im dropped off @ Buffalo Wild Wings by Discovery Bay. Bought 6 of their 75 cent boneless wings. I tried like 9 of the 14 sauces so far. I tried the mango. Spicy stuff. 10 sauces down, 4 more to go.

(Flashback: the first time i had BWs boneless wings was in Dayton, when i first visited in October 2007. Tried 1 mild flavors & 1 spicy during the trip. Luckily, i was hanging out with old friends. I returned again to UD this past april & Tried the two spiciest flavors. Big mistake. My tongue burned for hours n i couldn't get any that night on a night i absolutely had to. I ended up getting the 5th mildest & it calmed me down. Since then, I waited patiently until it finally came to da 808 this past july. Since then, i am getting closer to trying all 14 sauces, & will do so by the end of the year).

8:45: After finishing my post class meal n went to apple store ala moana, i go home. Friday will be a great day.

Friday, 9/4: 9am: I wake n go to chaminade again. All i do is research & meet with my professor about my schedule for fall 2009 (note: grad school is run in quarters, not semesters) & hang out with a few buddies. I skipped their ice cream social since i was hoping to hear a call from the radio station for Silversun Pickups intimate studio gig.

11am: I don't get da call. But i managed to get a workout done & prepare for a great weekend ahead. @ least i don't have to finish work for class on tuesday. I just show up & I have an A for the class. As for my thursday class, i have to review notes then do a take-home exam.

1:30pm: I do the unthinkable: go to da stadium for a good friend's bday tailgate.

2:30pm: I stop @ pearlridge first to get money n eat my only meal of the day.

3:30pm: I go to Sack & Save by da stadium so i can get a road drink. This is for me to consume @ da tailgate in case i decide not to drink from their stuff. I sample lemonade while im there. Good stuff.

3:45: I arrive. Plan on bringing it to da young'nz n chillin. Then leave before it gets too dark.

4pm: I put my drink down. I chill n meet new people as well as a few i haven't seen since i last went to a house party. Good thing there's red bull! Thats all i drank the rest of da tailgate. I even did a redbull bong. Three cans of redbull downed in 30 seconds.

4:30pm: I chill @ my friend from maui's near by tailgate. The cops show up to the one i just left. They confiscated all 3 kegs. Funny stuff. Good thing it's not mine. Someone's not getting any back.

5pm: Tailgate continues. I only drink red bull. Still. I liked watching people get bus up before my eyes.

5:15pm: I was given a beer, but gave it up when i convinced someone to makeout with another girl. This is when it got ugly.

5:20pm: Dude took my beer n opened it n poured it on the girls that were kissing. Dude got his asskicked. I didn't see it i just walked away n went to use da restroom.

5:30pm: I see 2 old friends from HPU (they are part of their NC cheerleading squad). They chill & we take a few photos. (note: I tend to get lazy eye when photos are taken) But i could tell the closer it was to darkness, closer to gametime.

6:30pm: Cops shut it down. I leave anyway. I sneak a red bull for da road, as well as a beer in my pocket (which i gave to one of the girls who left with me, she's my age FTW)

6:45pm: on da bus going back to chinatown. Arrive just in time for kickoff.

7:30pm: I go to SOHO, the new spot in Chinatown to try some free steeze. Good stuff. I walk around to see the game.

8:30pm: Manifest, across from Bar 35, 39 Hotel, & next door. Great spots. All packed despite the game. Guess its cheaper to hit da town instead of da game.

9:00pm: I bounce between Murphys & OTooles for game scores n music.

9:30pm: I get a tip from Super CW that Silversun Pickups is lurking. I wonder what that means...

9:45pm: I'm big dog status in Chinatown. I go past da lines n get in free. The bouncers know me. I always meet someone new or different on first friday. Once it was Malika Dudley from KGMB. Another time it was a band that played once @ Loft. Tonight it could be the band.

10pm: I'm back @ SOHO. I listen to the Deadbeats. I see a caveman lookalike (my old HS teacher, who works @ honolulu weekly, is nicknamed the caveman for his beard that reminds me of those in the Geico commercials. So easy... u know what it is)

10:05pm: It's Brian from the Silversun Pickups! He remembers me! We chill for a few minutes. Talk about how life is on da island. How the band is doing, etc. This is like the 5th person from a band that says he knows me (then again, people like me look alike). The rest of the band (minus Nikki, the female member) was also there but Brian was B&R here.

10:10pm: We take a photo. He doesn't act funny compared to the first time i met him @ da radio station 18 months earlier when i met them n saw their acoustic performance. Told him i'll be there tomorrow & he will shout out me. Nice.

10:15pm: I tip off others on where to go. I tell them SOHO, there are special guests there. If they can find them. Lol.

10:30pm: One more walkthrough to all the other spots. I see a drunk friend who is close to KTFO. Two of my other friends are there too. I help her to a taxi. She kissed me. WTF. @ least she didn't puke on me. Also UH WINS!

10:45: I walk to JJ Dolans n see a couple of other friends of mine. One was close to out. The other was taking photos. I was ready to bounce.

11:05pm: I almost miss my bus home. Luckily, I made it. I was stoked for the night. Tomorrow will be something else.

Saturday, 9/5: I get picked up & go to sandys. Watch Red Bull Rivals with the best surfers from town vs. the best from country. Great format. Friends were there. So were lots of Red Bull, food, & good times. I even went swimming. I stay from 10:30-4.

I meet up with two other new friends (from St. Marys in Texas) in which we had a long conversation on spots to go, when to tailgate, party, etc. I'm doing it as a favor for a good friend of mine who went to school with me 3 years earlier. I can't wait to see them again.

I get home @ 6 after making a pitstop @ Kapiolani Park for their Okinawan Festival. Not too special. Then i go to da show.

7:45pm: I'm @ Pipeline Cafe. I buy my tickets. Then a van pulls up with the band & roadies. Nikki comes out first. I say hello & smile. Shook hands again with Brian. Then Joe & Chris come out. We exchange greetings. I go in for the show.

8:00pm: I run into BJ Penn. We take a photo then he playfully tries to apply his rear-naked choke standing. He's chill. He talked with security about when his fight could be. I hear Memphis, but its more likely Vegas in 2010. I enter & get in position.

8:15-8:45: Satellite Gray performs. Good stuff.

9pm: I talk story as everyone waits. Nows a good time to say that i had a friend who bailed on me for tonight. Glad i didn't get an extra ticket. Cuz of her, we may no longer be friends. Thats fine, im moving on & i have new friends to show for it as well as things turn me on better than she ever did. But i twitter & try to check da Bus GPS just in case.

9:30: Silversun Pickups comes on.

10:00: crowd gets into it. I move up close to da front. Ready for Panic Switch & Lazy Eye. I also liked There's No Secrets as well as Little Lovers So Polite.

10:30: U go Nikki! She has a sweet voice.

10:45: Panic Switch then Lazy Eye. Then a long encore. I liked how Brian talked about being home & Nikki talking about Diamond Head (thru twitter of all places).

11:25: Show over. I get a guitar pick & setlist. I end up dropping da setlist once i took a photo.

11:30: I bail. I catch da 42. Big mistake. Too many soles on the bus. As well as a wheelchair. It was this bus or be screwed.

11:45: I miss da 4 as i run from Smith to Nuuanu. I call my dad. He was pissed. I tried to run but da bus was too damn fast. I get home but not w/o explaining. (If u read my last blog, this is why i dont trust technology to get anywhere.)

Sunday, 9/6: I stay home most of da day to clean & workout. Then went to my friend's party @ Soho for a bit, then Apartment 3 for a quick stop @ their 70's party. Then Lulus for their Defend Hawaii promo. All 3 were packed. Then i went home early. Luckily, i got a ride when i went back downtown around midnight. I was sore n tired. I did have a beer but that was it.

I was so spent from the weekend, i slept in yesterday to recover. Nothing noteworthy cept skipping a BBQ @ Sandbar. I did have a great weekend (cept for missing da bus on sat). New friends, times shared, endless possibility & opportunity. It helps to have a plan. Always. U never know what to expect. I didn't expect to have a great weekend but i did. Time for a break myself after tests this week. Until next time, I leave u with highlights from a great weekend:

-A much more confident D-Rockmoney

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