Saturday, September 26, 2009

Great Night, Epic fail ending

Good day of North Shore waves. Then back to town to get my camera & pregame @ D&Bs. Then showtime.

Great TBS show. Met band as they went in pre show, then tried to pit but almost lost my glasses during the opening bands. One of them was RKO. How ironic. My signature glasses has a scratch i have to live with. I can still get it fixed but i might wanna get contacts or consider laser eye surgery. Other than that TBS played their hits & near the end i was sweating, they got up close, & i got away with a pic & set-list.

Then Tsukijis was fail. Mai Tais was stale. Pearl was ok but not feeling too well. Saw a friend of mine. She looks: different. Thats all i have to say about that. U be the judge of what's going on with her. Then i went to Apartment 3 for a quickie. Had enough of da band & da crowd. Still soaked from the show. Then i left cuz i was exhausted but props to my friend for giving me a ride home to talk about our futures. Great night tonight. Uploading pics & video as seen on facebook.

Tomorrow i chill with my old roommate after i go to my brother's game. Can't wait.


P.S.: Future blog will feature concert etiquette

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