Saturday, September 26, 2009

Time to teach people about surviving a Rock Concert

I like listening to Music. All different kinds. The one that moves me the most is Rock. As long as i can relate to the song & dig da beat im down with that. Rock makes me live. So its no surprise that I go to da biggest events around town (involving rock of course). But what drives me nuts is that people don't know how to prepare for concerts (as well as show courtesy during them). Here is the unwritten guide on concerts:

1. Wear shoes that u don't mind getting dirty & tie them tight. People step on other's feet all the time. But even girls should wear covered shoes too so their feet don't stink, don't lose their footwear easily & also can be cleaned easily afterward. Dress shoes fellas should be left in da car or @ home.

2. Expect to feel da heat. It gets hot @ concerts sometimes when lots of people are close together in a small concert room. Hydrate, prepare to handle the elements, & study da venues before hand so u know what to expect. U may get a workout esp. @ rock shows.

3. Dress comfortably. That way, ur shirt can handle sweat & wear jeans that fit but stay on. See rule 1 for footwear. (wearing shorts with working zipper pockets works too)

4. Expect contact. Lots of it. People pushing, wanting to crowd-surf, etc. Be ready to push back if u have to. But always listen to security. They want things to go smoothly & safely when things won't always be the case.

5. Pack as little as possible. That way, u won't scramble to find anything you're may have lost during the show afterward.

6. Glasses should be packed in a protective case. This i learned the hard way. So u don't lose scratch or break em! Shades also should not be worn after dark. Ur indoors or under the stars people & can get knocked around.

7. Don't push to greet an artist or to reach out to them near the stage. If they come to u they come. If not don't try to force themselves ahead of others. Don't forget, people get smashed near the front too & they can push u back as well.

8. If coming in a group, expect to be separated. Plan on meeting somewhere outside after the show ahead of time so u don't get lost. Also know when the show will end. If you don't know, ask someone.

9. Stand tall. That way you won't lose your spot during the show & not be distracted too much while the bands play. You have to protect yourself. Also don't crowd surf people, esp. if you're a football player. Stay fit & hard!

10. Expect the unexpected. Things get bad easily & u need to be ready for whatever.

Now copy/paste/print & read & prepare for the next big show! I don't care what kind of act it is.


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