Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's Time To Turn a new page...

All throughout my college life I believed that I could believe I could be a part of something and be able to contribute and be a leader. I was able to do that in a couple of clubs that gave me a good amount of respect & knowledge. But one group that I was a part of since my second semester has done nothing but pull me down. I wanted to find myself, fit in, & find meaning. I thought that by continuing with this group after a great experience, I could contribute & be a leader like the other clubs I have been a part of. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I was never able to move up the ladder & have been nothing but pushed around (kinda like a mid-major getting left off the big-boy table). I thought those three years in that circle was like family to me. Now after I graduate, I pledged to contribute, but they seem to keep moving without me as if I was never important. The buck stops here. After this weekend. I will no longer be involved with them anymore. I thought I could find good in this group, & that my time would come. It never did. It never will. I will always be friends with most of the people I met in this circle. But I need to move on. I have held on for too long & now I need to let it go.
I have a good job that could be better but @ least I am moving up. I also work with Matty Liu in promoting Friday & Saturday Night surf Themed Events @ Red Lion University & Playbar Waikiki, respectively. I am bummed that I won't be able to work as a concierge this year due to the weak economy, but @ least I have been able to meet & hang out with different celebrities & nice people I have gotten to know over the past few months in my free time to make up for it.
As I move forward, I need to continue to find myself & trust in god so that I can make the right moves & be with the right people. I am not a party person all the time, it just so happens I meet people in different situations. I have also cut back on negative things & not regret missing out on things I planned on doing in advance. Like finding a job right away (but that's why I'm going back to grad school), & going to Maui for the hoops tournament (tickets were too expensive & there isn't much to do & the weather sucks this weekend) & that work is giving me more now for even better things later. Before I close out, i want to say to those in that group, I don't mean to offend anyone in any way, shape, or form, as you will always be a colleague of mine. I just need to keep my life in order so I can really find what I am looking for somewhere down the road & look to things that will really help me see & bring out the best in me. Until next time, have a happy thanksgiving & be thankful for what ya got!

P.S.:Here are a couple of Songs that I have learned about myself & hope that others can learn from it.
Hoobastank - My Turn

Lifehouse - Broken

Friday, November 7, 2008

Three days later...

I'm not surprised that Obama was picked. This shirt that I saw one summer day in NYC said it all. It's ringing true now. It will be interesting to see what will happen next. The economy is bad. Hopefully a new administration will equal better jobs & improved living for all. Especially me, since I have been hit hard with not finding a job. I will go to Grad School & be able to support myself and be able to stand on my own better than I did receiving my bachelors degree back in May. I can only hope good is coming with that change...

Anyways I got to enjoy a day off. I ran, went to da mall, then went to Kailua for a farmers market, then went back to town to check out "Da Boat," a ferry ride from Aloha Tower to Kalaeloa boat harbor. It was a neat ride. Then caught the bus back to town @ The Varsity, where I chilled with a few friends n drinks. Then left to go to a Metromix promo, where I write regularly @ and got passes to see that new James Bond Movie (heard it may not be as good as the others). Then home so I can work my butt off tomorrow. Well, hope all is well in your world. It is in mine. Late.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sorry it took so long...

But life has moved pretty fast since I graduated from Chaminade University. It's hard to find a real full-time job, but 1. I have a job, & 2. I will be going to grad school in January, 2009. But if that's not enough, I also survived an interesting Halloween, a trip to New York, & have been on the scene & hanging out with the big boys & girls. Doing anything I can not to be bored. Well, the Surf Season is upon us & so is the holidays. I'm still planning on going to Maui for the hoops tournament & other big events are coming.

So Halloween 2008 came & went. It was a crazy friday. Spent the day recovering from a bad cold, then went to Chinatown for Hallobaloo. It was crazy with people in costumes ranging from Phelps to fish & other interesting creative designs. Chilled @ da usual downtown spots like Indigo, Bar 35, & thirtyninehotel. Talked story & took photos then it was off to Waikiki (with a brief stopover @ Dave & Busters) in bad traffic. I walked up & down for about 4 hours. Saw many friends in costumes & other crazy stuffs @ da clubs/ bars & streets. Stayed out until 4am (since I needed a ride) & was able to enjoy saturday off as well (to recover from a "new" illness). Well, upset that UH lost but no big deal. People were too bus up to notice anyway. Well hope y'all had a great halloween. I sure did.
- D-$