Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sorry it took so long...

But life has moved pretty fast since I graduated from Chaminade University. It's hard to find a real full-time job, but 1. I have a job, & 2. I will be going to grad school in January, 2009. But if that's not enough, I also survived an interesting Halloween, a trip to New York, & have been on the scene & hanging out with the big boys & girls. Doing anything I can not to be bored. Well, the Surf Season is upon us & so is the holidays. I'm still planning on going to Maui for the hoops tournament & other big events are coming.

So Halloween 2008 came & went. It was a crazy friday. Spent the day recovering from a bad cold, then went to Chinatown for Hallobaloo. It was crazy with people in costumes ranging from Phelps to fish & other interesting creative designs. Chilled @ da usual downtown spots like Indigo, Bar 35, & thirtyninehotel. Talked story & took photos then it was off to Waikiki (with a brief stopover @ Dave & Busters) in bad traffic. I walked up & down for about 4 hours. Saw many friends in costumes & other crazy stuffs @ da clubs/ bars & streets. Stayed out until 4am (since I needed a ride) & was able to enjoy saturday off as well (to recover from a "new" illness). Well, upset that UH lost but no big deal. People were too bus up to notice anyway. Well hope y'all had a great halloween. I sure did.
- D-$

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