Tuesday, May 26, 2009


i am excited to finish not only my paper for my masters class but a great weekend that could have gone the other way around but didn't. I postponed my sandbar trip until the time that friends of mine are going (preferably my 23rd b-day).

I also climbed Koko Head for the first time since i can remember. It was brutal but worth the trip. I was sore for days. It is tough to prepare for a hike when not in shape. I learned a great lesson to be prepared and the end of the journey is most rewarding when with a friend.

I was able to do the usual when i go out & about: take advantage of a good opportunity. The post-hike included an industry event that i have business going to even after a job fair early that morning. Many friends i chilled with & new ones made that day. I felt so far yet so close during my hiatus from working but i am that much closer to getting a rewarding job that i can definitely enjoy after working for nearly 2 years @ Sears.

Also, i took advantage of other free events that was great due to the heavy promotion and seeing the people on the scene more than i am. The first involved an anniversary and booze. The second was a fundraiser, where i enjoyed myself and had a good time. The post-fundrasier was @ the Shack, where Natural Vibes killed it like they usually do before the bus ride and short cab home.

A family reunion on sunday for my sister's 21st b-day and a north shore trip monday completed my weekend. The downside was i had a paper to finish today which i completed. At least I got it done despite feeling rushed. I had difficulty in coming up with ways to put it together. My next project, my final exam for my thursday class. I have a good friend who runs a shop that I was reluctant to buy from @ first but i stop by whenever I'm around near my former workplace. Wanna guess who i will focus on my paper? Stay tuned. Have to prepare better the next time. Time for rest & a real day off. Peace.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

WTF is up with people?

Hate when people blow me off when I greet them. It blows. Also hate it when i don't see myself recognized when i'm chilling with them. I don't mean to be negative or be seen that way. I'm a friend to them as much as they are to me. I put them on the spot in a good way but when it comes to them to me, they don't give a shit. WTF is wrong with that? It shows that I do have some work to do so I can get noticed. But I am not a fugly, unlike other famous people worldwide. I'm putting those on blast that blow me off (i'm talking to the obvious that I see everywhere) as well as those that don't make sense.

Anyways, life is hard & we need to keep working to get that something that we crave. I rarely lose focus, but when i do, i pick it back up quick. The next several months will test me. It won't be long until I can get that Masters & then who will be laughing in the end? We shall see. Karma can comeback to u. It is also destiny for some. We all fall easy but getting up is hard. I'm still getting up. But to those that are up? Y'all gonna come back down. Believe that. What goes up must come down.

I got a good job offer coming. A walk to remember. & an end is near.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Eating my words...

Should be studying for a midterm. But i'm ready for whatever comes my way. Props to those graduating & almost there (or @ least done with finals). Also, props to my mainland homies. My new new is gone. I'm glad we got to know each other. The 808 is going to be interesting this summer. Gotta get that job & get that money.

Other props:
Pac-man K'd TFO Patton
Lebron MVP
May Day Chinatown
Seether's cover of "Careless Whisper"