Sunday, May 17, 2009

WTF is up with people?

Hate when people blow me off when I greet them. It blows. Also hate it when i don't see myself recognized when i'm chilling with them. I don't mean to be negative or be seen that way. I'm a friend to them as much as they are to me. I put them on the spot in a good way but when it comes to them to me, they don't give a shit. WTF is wrong with that? It shows that I do have some work to do so I can get noticed. But I am not a fugly, unlike other famous people worldwide. I'm putting those on blast that blow me off (i'm talking to the obvious that I see everywhere) as well as those that don't make sense.

Anyways, life is hard & we need to keep working to get that something that we crave. I rarely lose focus, but when i do, i pick it back up quick. The next several months will test me. It won't be long until I can get that Masters & then who will be laughing in the end? We shall see. Karma can comeback to u. It is also destiny for some. We all fall easy but getting up is hard. I'm still getting up. But to those that are up? Y'all gonna come back down. Believe that. What goes up must come down.

I got a good job offer coming. A walk to remember. & an end is near.


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