Friday, January 25, 2008

Decisions, Decisions...

I have a lot going on in my life. I need time to settle down. I am faced with a tough decision: leave Sears or jump to Nordstrom. I will likely jump to Nordstrom. The only question is when is the right time to do so. I have to also plan out time to relax the next few weeks. My parents will be out of town so I can have a party or two @ my house. Lots going on. So little time. Big events in da 808 include: Punahou Carvival, Pro Bowl, The Police, & more. What to do this weekend. Easy. Work & play. Next weekend? We shall see...

Monday, January 21, 2008

My Final Semester Begins...

My last semester is one I hope to go out with a bang. I have a schedule that sets up nicely (w/ the option of still making one class online so that I can go to class everyday but friday). Last semester was nice, but this semester could be even better! I have to like the fact that I made it through the last three years of my college life and I hope that it never ends. Sadly, I graduate in May. I have done so much yet experienced so little. At least I can claim that I went to Chicago, visited a sister school of Chaminade (University of Dayton) & went to historic places & went to concerts & sporting events. I have also met some cool yet interesting people I now call friends.
But now it's time to focus hard. Yes I will come across more new people (a few of which dig me already) & go to the best shows (Kokua Festival, Incubus w/ Silversun Pickups, The Police, & more) as well as go to places that I can now freely experience now that I am 21, & go to da beaches that are literally in my backyard. Like Sean Kingston, I can take you anywhere in da 808 because I run it! Anyways, I need to get it on with my studies & get focused on trying to start up the next chapter in my life, & get a great job after my college life is over. I will take the first step of a million more but @ least I'm moving forward...
Soundtrack to my blog:
Sean Kingston, Take You There
Staind, Everything Changes
Hoobastank, Moving Forward
Papa Roach, Time is Running Out
Foo Fighters, Long Road To Ruin
OneRepublic, Stop & Stare
Matchbox Twenty, How Far We've Come
Buckcherry, Everything
Three Days Grace, Never Too Late
Skillet, The Older I Get