Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A New Term, a new problem

I'm halfway done with my graduate studies. I took some interesting required courses, worked with interesting people (cept a few i can't stand) & all but 1 class so far is an A.

But the conflict i have is not a classmate who irritates me, not that i still don't have a job (but i'm close to getting one) but its when I wanna finish my education. I can find work soon & i can ignore classmates who bother me or ignore me. I just thought long & hard about when i want to finish my MBA. I could finish by March by taking 3 classes for this term & next. Either way, I'll walk in May, But i have little money. I do get some help, but i decided since i will be getting busier near the end of the year (as well as employed by the holidays) to just take 2 classes.

The 2 classes i wanted to take were human resources & finance.

I sat in finance class yesterday (packed to the max) & tried to organize a good group for a class project & be friendly to everyone (even though i knew many people in the class, most are new & i knew u can't get the group u want). Interesting people too. But i got stuck with a tough group, stuck with bad assignments & also had problems trying to do the in-class exercises. Plus, when the teacher talks, u listen, not continue talking with others. A teacher who can't get full attention of the class is gonna have a long term. Its on top of the hill @ Kieffer & its a very late class too. Since i can't learn in this environment (but still beats UH) i switched to a tuesday class (more on that in a little while). I have no regrets on switching out, nor should I care. I can take it next term as well online. Much apologies to who i left behind.

The 2nd class i signed up for is Human Resources on thursday. I know HR, but i still have to take it as a requirement. It will be a big class (not as big as finance) & i must plan better so i can be with friends & not strangers (or cocky people). Plus its not all the way on top of campus. Its about halfway (by the main part of campus). Am I better off than my other classes? Time will tell. Stay tuned.

The class i ended up switching into is Social Enterprise. It's an elective that deals with non-profits & businesses like them. After tonight's class, I'm glad its smaller, challenging (which i need) something to expand on my entrepreneurship skills as well as deal with a different side of business that i may consider after I get my MBA (i know some people who run non-profit media so i hope to get ahold of them & not miss out on the next big thing in the 808). I do know a couple people (1 cool, 1 ignorant) but otherwise it will be interesting. I can't wait to read the book for class when it comes in before next week's class. It may be on top of the hill (like finance) but will get more out of it in the long run (plus i can take finance online next semester).

The problem of course, was deciding on how to take my last few classes i need. I needed finance, Human Resource/Operations, 3 electives, & the 800 course). Then im all pau. But after careful consideration i decided to do the 2-3-1 format (over the 3-3 & 2-2-2) that way i can challenge myself after the holidays are over (as well as still learn while i complete my degree in a year and a half). After this term, i can still switch to 2-2 over 3-1 if it proves difficult but I wanna start 2010 with a bang & coast the rest of the way. I still have to do work but it's time to prepare for the stretch run (the end of my education is coming) & to accomplish my goals.

Current & Projected Schedule (2-3-1 Format):
Now - December 2009: MBA 740 Social Enterprise (TU) & MBA 613 Human Resources (TH) all 5:30-9:30p.

Jan-Mar 2010: MBA 611 Finance (Online), MBA Elective (likely International Bus.) & MBA 800 Closer course (all dates T.B.A.)

Apr-Jun 2010: MBA 707 Workplace Negotiations. Must take elective if taught by Larry Price (yes the radio personality of KSSK's Perry & Price morning show). I want this to be my last class ever. (unless i need the 800 class of course).

May 10, 2010: I walk. But not all finished until June 10, 2010 of course.

I hope this decision turns out to be the right one. This way, I will be finished as well as ready to take on the real world. I have many colleagues as well as friends out there who can support me & help me as well as my family. I wanna follow my grandma and have a better education & life. I want to shed my skin & be better, not bitter.

Like 3 Days Grace's latest song (from Life Starts Now), I wanna break away & carve my own path & Like Creed's full circle, I've been trying to overcome & that i feel it may rain now but there is light that follows.

I do what i need to do, everything will take care of itself. Time to get back to work. My 3 week break is over. I'm glad i got to spend time with some good friends (a couple visited recently) as well as reflecting on what i need to do not want to do. I'm ready to take on the coming months as it gets a little darker.

-A very confident Daniel (aka D-Rockmoney)

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