Sunday, August 16, 2009

I had a bad feeling (but had fun)

I got screwed this week. Big time. Me going 3/3 this week actually was 1/3. After a tough class on tuesday, & a midterm to prep for for accounting, I was beat. But I hoped to enjoy concerts with big acts and maybe even meet them. Herez how it went:

Tue. 8/11: Felicia comes n goes. The weather was bad. My class was mediocre @ best. I go home tired. No doubt the next day.

Wed. 8/12: Got to Blaisdell @ 7pm. Saw my old HS teacher (which i really don't like since hate is too strong), a so-called classmate that almost broke me down in class the night before, & other random people. I was standing next to a couple of former Miss Hawaiis, & got to enjoy a kickass No Doubt show. (side note, Paramore could have been a great opening act instead of Matt Costa but he wasn't too bad either since i met him @ Kokua Fest.) But i hoped to do something after, which was epic fail 1. It never went down. I went home. Tomorrows a new day, right?

Thur 8/13: Class sucked. Finished my homework as usual then started my test. Got to go see Filter's meet n greet. They were cool. The lead guy claims to met me before (most say that cuz most asians with glasses look alike lol). But they were nice enough to sign stuff n get a photo. Good post-class timing.

Fri. 8/14: Went to Leeward Bowl. Put up good scores but need to be ready for this coming wed, where i will have a showoff with 2 of my friends from my HS bowling team. I gotta see if, like Tyson, I still got it. Then saw The Goods. Funny. Then went to Kaneohe to get a closeup of what ill deal with 24 hours later. Good prep for sat. But that night was different. Three parties i went to were lame & my ride home was late. Epic Fail #2. Gotta look forward to sat, right? Hope to meet BEP.

Sat. 8/15: Worked out. Then went to Kailua for my pregame meal (& drink) then Bayfest. Glad to get there early. I had lots of Fun with Black Eyed Peas. But did i get the job done. NO! I @ least met Will I Am. But the show started late, there was pretty bad traffic, & the band didn't get on til 9. Their lame manager prevented people who wanted to meet them from getting in, even radio people. It was packed though, & I got great shots n posted some video too. All in all the day was great cept for the meet n greet part. EPIC FAIL #3. They played the hits but the hits didn't come for me. Fireworks turned to dust.

I felt bad for those who didn't make it but it was kick ass though. But i don't rate shows based on their hits. I base it on friendliness. 3DD was ok but pushy. BEP just bailed after w/o explanation. The long drive home was tiring. Traffic as usual. Plus i may need to go to the doctors since my left knee is sore. Tried from bayfest. Next year should be my last since i will be done with grad school by the time Bayfest 2010 comes, if @ all. So here comes goodbye to that after next year.

Glad i skipped a party. It was for someone i really don't like (no pun intended). Its like HBK still having beef with Bret Hart (ala montreal screwjob). In other words: I got two words for ya, screw it. No more drama was needed in my night. I know it too damn well. It would be nice to "crash" da party but i was too tired so i crashed myself. There will be others n i am taking a break from booze for now so i can lose weight. Wanna be a good person too. My new life starts now.

I am definitely moving forward from what has been a bad week mostly. That could have gotten a lot worse. Glad it didnt.
Taking a break from the nitelife too (unless a friendship is on the line its not important) until UH football kicks off. @ least im sgoing hiking n the weather is better. Also to get my new job finally. Its been too damn long since i left Sears. I need to live up to my name n ready to be new again (still debating on Taking Back Sunday n Silversun Pickups). Where do I go from here? God knows. But I gotta feeling its gonna get better from here. @ the very least, i had fun. Something i haven't had in awhile. Peace.

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