Saturday, August 8, 2009

My life the last 2 weeks.

Been busy. Very busy. Still nothing new. I love being a free agent. But of course i am still a student so im technically not free but still. Classes killing me. But mostly chill. Can't wait til im done next summer. All da same for the good life on the town, where im like Visa, i go & am everywhere & accepted everywhere. But i gotta know when it's time to put good friends before those that have failed me. I always seem to chase what i think i can catch but i am not able to get it. TIme also is almost never on my side too. One of these nights I gotta go all night & take people for a ride until the first morning light.

B-day bash was dope. So is so many other places i usually roll thru. But it was most recently that i made it count. North Shore sucked today (bus breakdown @ Wahiawa) except for my frog splash @ waimea bay. I played poker too n @ least got my money back. Then made a late first friday appearance (is 10pm still late? Maybe but it was good while i was there). July 3 was epic fail. This time, epic awesomeness. Otooles, 35, 39, NextDoor, etc. was crackin. Too bad i know everyone n got in without paying. Talked storms with a certain KGMB 9 weather model then chilled @ SOHO. It doesnt hurt to go out n bail early n promise to come back. The door people remember n u dont have to wait in line. I enjoyed myself as usual with da homies. Then here comes the not on my side factor: quitting while im ahead. I left early, but @ what cost? I think I'll know what i missed thanks to the people who twitter on a regular basis. Then I'll know if it was worth it. Most BS but i'll know. Thats why I need to go all out one time & see if its worth it. Gotta do it with the homies.

Later today: Fight night n free shit, then probably going to Waiks for a little while @ Shack, Apartment 3, & Matty Liu @ Lulus. All in all twas a good day but herez to tomorrow n the next 10 days. No Doubt Wed. Bayfest next saturday. Wanna go 3 for 3 every day the next week. Wanna follow my life? Follow me @

Closing number today: Everyone loves @ catfight. Herez what i missed on wed (i was sick, sorry). Enjoy.

-Da rock money man

P.S.: My money is on Penn n my night will go smooth as silk tomorrow. But da big week starts now.

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