Friday, April 3, 2009

Coming into the cold...

Damn Ohio is so cold. So was Chicago. After a successful meeting (though that doesn't mean i got a new job, yet) I moved on to Dayton, where it is so cold.

I chilled with my old friend & was able to meet some new people (the exact same way as last time I came here in October, 2007, randomly). Plenty of hookups, drinking games, & hot spots.
I chilled Downtown Dayton today before UD went on spring break (putting them all on blast for bouncing early).

Then traveled over 300 miles & many highways (with my friend) to Cleveland for shopping, photo ops (Rock & Roll Hall of fame & 3 sports stadiums) & a dinner for my long-lost friend. An 808 kid can hardly survive 40 degree temps here. But it was worth it since i miss her & met new people @ the same time. The trip back, however was all pitch black but we got back fast. We even ran into a White Castle. Then did one last driveby thru Daytons entertainment district.

Tomorrows gonna be fun. Unfortunately, due to severe weather, (& UD on spring break) the trip to the Final Four in Detroit has been cancelled. The decision was made after my group got to cleveland. However, I will take in a baseball game in Dayton tomorrow then shopping in a Columbus suburb before watching the games in Columbus. After that, we shall see.

Part 2 coming.


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