Sunday, April 26, 2009

Life. Wasted. (Sears can suck it!)

Job hunting is a beyotch! I failed to get that new job i went to da go for. Now I really need to get a new job. Need to focus on school too. As for May 1st, it is a key day to get what i need (want is an understatement) since it is May Day. In Hawaii, its Lei day. For others, its "get laid" day. I don't call it get laid, but to get made. Finally get over my trip & to set myself straight. The class of 2009 is getting off & I don't want to fall further behind in getting a new job. It's also the next to last chance @ glory (hanging out with that new new before she leaves for good) & to make a lasting mark.

A refresher for me in the form of an ex-flame. The following video is to those that broke my heart. The Fray cover's Kanye West's "Heartless." Dig it. Hear it. Feel it.

good luck to all y'all finishing up school. As for those still there, step it up & keep it up. Thats what I need to do before I get my job, action & my masters!

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