Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Patricks Day & March Madness!

Time for a D-Money rewind. Friday the 13Th was dope (before the rain came down) the next day was boring (so I went to a movie instead). Sunday I was into the Selection Show (see who got screwed, who's in, etc.) for March Madness (more on that in a moment).

But nothing compared to St. Patrick's Day, where the madness went down (town, that is). I worked until 4. Then worked out (to speed up recovery time; big mistake!). Then went home to get ready to own the night.
Got back Downtown before dark. The whole block was crowded. I was smart to pregame before I went lightweight nuts. Otooles, Murphy's, & everywhere was going off! Thanks to Metromix for the photo of me on top. Left for a few to go to Pearl. Failure. But got beads, hats, & a breather.

Returned downtown 1/2 hour later. Crazy still. I did sample irish um, foods & bs'd my way into getting cab money (which I didn't need this night though my friends did) n free red bull via DD tent. Choke girls stole my beads & fake hats, too bad they never got my real one.

How they stole it? Well, lets just say they made me very lucky on this night (think kiss me, im irish, thats what she said). Ran into everyone, & met some random people that I'm sure don't remember me (I remember, but I suffer from lazy eye, so that affects my memory more than drinking ever will). FIY: I did drink only once (see below).

Thank god i went home instead of going to Waikiki. Once 10 rolled around, people were still going nuts @ Otooles & Murphy's. The streets would not reopen until midnight, when I was dead & gone. Thank god the bus was late so I could catch my breath, & smell a sweet irish creme scent (what she also said, lol). The knockout punch was an irish car bomb followed by a makeout. I heard the bar had to close shortly afterward as a result of "overcrowding." I ran to the bus & got home & fell asleep after, still reminiscing that last kiss goodnight.

Today, I recovered, but can't remember anything (thank you AL!). All the spots were dead since people were recovering from a wonderful celebration. I woke buzzed but still went to UH for the paper plane competition, a total disaster for me but got free red bull to revive me. @ least work was dead too afterward. Tonight I rest.

But in da morning:
Bracket time. Gonna watch em all. Got a couple of trendy upset picks. W. Kentucky to the Sweet 16 (don't get me wrong, a double digit seed has made it several years in a row to the Sweet 16). I got Memphis, Louisville, UNC & Pitt (like everyone else) n UNC to win it all. Will post again once the 1st round is done. However, I will savor the good time that was SPD & look forward to Spring Break (& an interview in Chicago enroute to Michigan & Ohio). Good luck with ur brackets after you got lucky two days before (she said it again! ha!). You will thank your lucky stars but don't iron a clover or you'll press your luck!


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