Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why This Week Sucked

Last friday was great. Saturday was lame. But it was sunday that i felt blame.
I missed out on an event sun @ level 4, & i missed out on a chance to score
Sears sucks as usual I want out but taking a mangers job no one wants? I have doubts.
Ecolounge was good Kickball was a no go too many pussies and assholes instead playing marco polo
Varsity is a dead spot downtown u may get shot waikiki is hot but too many fights on the block
My week was a waste a total disgrace I hope the weekend will be back in place
Rest tomorrow no pain no sorrow i wont be wasting time cuz its not borrowed.
Pepper monday, mardi gras tuesday u know im out & about its time u be choosy.

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