Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What's eating Da Rock Money maker this week?

Work is bad as usual. I will be leaving Sears since they don't seem to get the point. I don't want to be statistic. I want to be me. They won't let me. So I will show them who's da boss of me. I'm waiting until April so I don't lose my benefits (vacation time, bonus for staying, etc.).

The Scene is banging as usual. Pepper concert was good (I heard) from outside. So was the post-concert @ the Radio Station yesterday. Good times. Hung with them for a few too. Forget spending money. Met some cool people & learned from "insiders" as well as chilled @ the spots (The Shack, V-Lounge, Tikis, Lulus, etc.). More on the insiders in a moment. New people I met too.

My classes are tough as usual. My online class looks simple but requires work. My friday class seems interesting but ends up confusing. But I am sticking it out & there is no way out until I can overcome March Madness & make it to Spring Broke & my return trip to Ohio.

My life is busy as usual. No time to rest, when it comes to being the best. Vacato can wait one month from today. No looking ahead or behind.

My friends can be hot & cold. They can be cool @ first, blow me off the next.

About the Insiders: They are people that see me everywhere, know me & can drop a hint or too on reminding me that image is everything. Thanks to JCut for that one. Also, CW, Rob, Matty, Cano, Maleko, & others I see on the almost neverending scene.

About the line in the sand: My best friend since HS can be very picky, selfish, & boring. He thinks he can blow me off? I'm blowing him off this friday so I can focus on what I need to do not do what he wants to do.

About Whats Ahead: Mardi Gras, Ash Wed/Anthony's B-day, Kickball w/ some special guests, judgement day/ great after party, & rest. I'm out.


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