Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend Done

Weekend was good (as usual). Carnival was overrated (I see why these events are worse than rock concerts, old people n nowhere to go in a wider space), Pro Bowl was a good game, the festivities were ok, but the clubs were expensive (major city type prices to meet only one famous person). Good thing I enjoyed my friday night @ Tikis with a good band than waste money @ a fancy place. Then saturday I should have gone to Barefoot League up Kapahulu. Instead, a boring fan festival, an ok block party, & that damn carnival where I almost got hurt by a damn senior citizen, n my friend almost got trampled by kids in their strollers. I will never go back @ night due to the crowd n slow mofos. The weekend is dead & gone. Wonder whats up for next week? God knows but fridays @ Tikis are the spot! Life will be getting hard in grad school. Stay tuned for more goody goody stuff.

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