Saturday, January 31, 2009

What I learned so far in 2009...

Six-pack of facts that I have been able to learn from so far in 2009. 1 good month down, 11 interesting more to go. Here is some tough facts:

Lesson #1: I can't turn away from things that I have grown accustomed to.
Example: Going back to Chaminade for grad School.

Lesson #2: Hard to say goodbye to someone who really has feelings for you.
Example: Another good friend, this time one who I was really close to for the past few months, is leaving, & now because of her, Screw Ohio! Hello Cali!

Lesson #3: I learned that you can never lose anything if you remember some of it.
Example: Playing kickball, I never lost my groove as a pitcher, & I am still undefeated as a pitcher by default (thanks to Ocean's usual blown calls).

Lesson #4: I have been able to move on, even though i don't want to admit it.
Example: Still have feelings for Angela, Kristin, & others I remember from 2008.

Lesson #5: My luck can be hot or cold, depending on the circumstances.
Example: I get lucky one day, then fall flat the next. This also means that for every person I meet, they can be cool with me one day, then blow me off the next.

Lesson #6: I still haven't found what I'm looking for.
Example: A new job, new love interest, & a purpose for me being me.

For now, I can say that I am Ok with how my life is for now. Especially after going all out last night. I will not back out of my friday night class the rest of the term. I can say I got lucky last night. I accomplished my task without regret, without surrender & with purpose. AQ was happy to be with me @ the Shiny Toy Guns concert & I was able to hang out with Sara afterward. The concert was great; too bad i didn't get to V-Lounge in time to chill @ the after-party with my boys I saw @ the show. I also got back to basics this week to get my life straight & met some new people in the process. But all in all a good start to 2009 (including Sony Open & Elevaters concert, not the BJ Penn fight). February will be better, especially with whats ahead. Off to bed. Steelers will win tomorrow super bowl! Rock Money out!


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