Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mixed Plate

Great but dreaded week for me. I started my Grad School journey. I added my 2 classes i needed. Sadly, friday nights (early evenings) suck for me but it will be over before I know it. Also, I can party after class. So my new classmates can kick back & chill after a dreaded 4 hour class. But I will miss first friday & the friday before pro bowl, but its not that big a deal. Luckly the other class is online, so I can go to chaminade anytime to check in & do all the things I need to do. Also, the job fair sucked, so I need to look for better jobs elsewhere (& avoid the soap opera that is Sears). I need to comitt to class so I can look forward to a better future. Great night watching the Elevaters as well as Deadbeats, & Matty Liu throws it down fridays @ Tikis & saturdays @ Red Lion UH. It's gonna be crackin again! Can't wait for pro bowl week. Well, off to Waialae tomorrow. Laters.

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