Saturday, January 3, 2009

The New Beginning...

2009 is fresh & great. My first couple days included work & laying low watching a few games, then checking out First Friday. Worst decision I made so far? Watching The Spirit. I can see why this movie is nothing like 300 & Sin City. I walked out 15 minutes into the movie & got a quick refund since I knew the beginning wasn't special. Also, I wanted to see how the Blue Scholars was. I got in free, then took a quick trip across town to Waikiki, where I saw this dude on the ground, & people were saying "you got knocked the F*** out" over him. Cops everywhere. Most nightclubs slow. Cirque is history, my boy Matty Liu got me working with him for Pink Fridays @ Tikis, but that was slow also. Level 4 packed, but going down sooner or later. The Shack was ok, but not my type of place with a $15 cover. Zanzabar the same old boring spot. Of course, too many ghetto people & pros (you know, the other kind). Then back to Chinatown, where I saw a great performance from the Blue Scholars. Every spot bumping, & of course more cops. Got home shortly before 2. Looks like I will enjoy my new friday night(& select saturday) job.

2009 will also be different & a new era is begining. Because President Sue Wesselkamper, a good friend of my former high school headmaster @ the Academy of The Pacific (my high school) passed away early this morning. She was a great leader, & role model for all. Despite being busy, she was very helpful for getting me into Chaminade when I looked at a scholarship offer to going to the mainland @ either the University of the Pacific or Seattle University. I wanted to stay home. Great choice. I was also able to graduate on time. When I last saw her healthy, @ the commencement ball & again @ graduation, I was able to thank her for everything she has done for Chaminade & for me. That was when I got Senior of the Year & my diploma, respectively. Time flys fast & you don't know what you've got until its gone. May god bless the her family. She will be missed. Chaminade will never be the same. Ever. Everything changed for the better since she came in. Her permanent successor will have big shoes to fill.

My message to everyone this coming year, continue to let god's light shine in your life so you can be able to shine & reach out to others even when you or anyone else is down & out. Do it always. Day or night, down or up, near & far. I leave you with a song that relays the message. Watch the video & understand the meaning of this David Cook song. RIP President Sue!

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