Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Closer

Finally, Daniel Lee Soon has woke up in 2009! Great blessings have come from the past year & I look forward to pushing myself to a better future. One that I have to leave behind the great memories from 2008 & the confusion that is entering the real world. Like the end of the D-Money era @ Chaminade, & the beginning of a long rest of my life. Before that, my year looked promising. I did all that I could have wanted to do, & then some. I went to New York City as an added bonus. There were also many good decisions & bad (no comment on the bad) ones. But overall, I was stoked to meet & chill with different people throughout the past year. Also reunite with people I haven't seen in years or months. I also said my last goodbyes to friends I may never see again. But I will grow stronger as I gained a lot through others as they gained a lot through me over my years in college & @ social events to get my name out there. I am due to have a breakthrough year & there should be fewer distractions. I thank the lord for the many blessings in my life thus far. I am now 22 & a half & look forward to the challenge of getting a new job (since being an assistant manager @ Sears sucks) & start graduate school. I will try to leave a light on for those who want back in my life as I move forward. But I can only hope for the best in the next year. Gotta work tomorrow, but have 2 days off afterward. Hope 2 have a great tomorrow & live for today everyday. Peace.
-Daniel Lee Soon aka D-Moro

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