Saturday, December 6, 2008

For A Pessimist I'm pretty Optomistic...

I thought so much of the last week.

1. I thought that I was missing out on Maui for not going for the tournament. Turns out i made the right decision. Chaminade got pasted by #1 UNC who went on to win the tournament.

2. Work was going to suck for many reasons. But it was better than I thought, since I got to meet my sales goal while dealing with interviews, ass-hole customers twice my age & older co-workers who don't show up for work. I always have a back-up plan in mind when the heat is on. I deliver in the clutch to help make my workplace better even though I may not be @ Sears much longer. I also am happy I don't work over 40 hours since my pay is nearly as high as theirs.

3. Thanksgiving was great. All that hard work preparing a family meal & keeping a clean house was worthwhile even though I was tired from the Hoobastank concert the night before.

4. I am a rising star on the scene. My name & game has evolved after leaving Chaminade & I tend to be on the scene fast. I go everywhere to see whats good in the 808 (surf contests, concerts, parties w/ good deals, etc.). I help to promote events through spreading the word any way possible. I do what I like during my down time so I am never bored. I do get exhausted, but it beats any dull night alone. Yes work does get in the way, but this is my ticket toward starting my own business after I get my masters degree by 2011.

5. I still can make great deals. I buy tickets to events only to get my ticket paid for. I sell my bought tickets for just below the door price & even bring in a random person who wants one as well. I get covered & make a nice profit too. I managed to sell my Mickey Avalon ticket since I wasn't willing to stand through a sweaty crowd but @ least I heard a good deal outside.

6. I have grown up & moved on. I don't like to deal with assholes & people who are too immature & boring. Those types of people can really make your life a living hell. I know this because I deal with them @ work daily. I have had to end friendships also since people I know aren't straight or like to bs & play games & don't have my back when I need them.

7. There's always room & time to start anew. As in meeting new people & making new friends while moving on from the old & adding the new. I won't be dealing with the young ones as much who are not established but with the people that I can really get aquainted to well & can fill my needs instead of just their own.

8. I can do a lot with a little. Like I said, I go places & have many resources to help me get what I want & make it through in life. I have done so without my car & I am able to secure a ride home.

9. I have a lot to look forward to over the next 3 weeks. Friend's graduating, me learning my fate that I qualify for financial aid for grad school, longer hours @ work, industry parties, & of course, christmas & new years! I also will be revealing a new years resolution that would pretty much sum up change & maturity.

10. 2008 was a great year for me. Despite many setbacks I made sure that I could pull through & I will continue to be thankful & learn from the bad & do more good.

Can't wait to see what the final month of 2008 will be like.


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