Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ready for 2009?

2008s coming to an end. 2009 is fast approaching. Before I look forward to 2009, here is what I can be thankful for in 2008 (top 10 & honorable mention, & of course no bad memories incl.):

10: Incubus Concert & pre-show, Mar 19-21. Went to preshow with Silversun Pickups as well as concert w/ them & Incubus. Great show & afterparty.
9. Awakening Weekend, Apr 4-6. Able to overcome tough struggle to staff my final retreat.
8. Bayfest Hawaii, July 5-6. Able to return home & see 3 Doors Down, Everclear, & Live @ Kaneohe Marine Corps Base. Live was on my plane & got to re-meet 3DD on my birthday!
7. Hoobastank & Secondhand Serenade Concert, November 26 & December 19. Two great shows, four great acts, & got to chill with each of the artists before & after show!
6. Industry Parties, Dunno. Went all over, met cool people, good times.
5. North Shore trips, December 4 & 12. Sunset Pro, Eddie Aikau kickoff, & Pipe Masters!
4. Commencement Ball & Kokua Fest, April 2008: Saw good concert, chill with good friends, & was announced as Senior of the Year @ the ball (like HS king).
3. Reunited, December 10-11, 15, 19-20 2008. Hung out with the best of friends, chill with new ones. Got to see my good friends finally walk the line & homies return. Also Disco!
2. New York City, June 26-July 5. Went to NYC & went all over! I ran NY!
1. Graduation Weekend, May 9-13, 16. Partied hard like there's no tomorrow. But I completed my goal of graduating on time & making my time last!

Honorable Mention: 311 Concert, Chris Brown Concert/ Pro Bowl Week, Heavywater Parties, NP Concert, & other stuff I could mention but don't remember.

2009 will be the year I take control of my destiny. This is where I don't lie down for no one. My friends have moved on, & now I am more motivated than ever to get to where I want to be. The industry the people i have met in the past year will play a larger part in determining my future, as I will be driving again after a 6-month hiatus. I also plan to leave Sears & start grad school (likely April now). Looking back @ 08, it could have been better, but I have no excuses for why I could be in a better situation except to work harder & smarter. 08 was great, 09 will be devine!

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