Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Things I have to say about top friends that graduated this semester (& last):

Kristin- You were an awesome friend. You are so funny too. Coming from a small town to the 808 you are all i appreciate. Will miss chillin. Best memory: Almost got taken out by softball as well as few drunken nights.

Angela- Since Day 1, you were an interesting person. Despite being busy all the time, you found a way to make it through & hang out whenever you can. Funny I run into you all over @ times but good times when we did. Best Memory: Gwen Stefani & 30 Seconds To Mars concerts.

Anina- Another friend that has been there since day one (& we made it through 4 years on time). Great person to talk to & not too hard to convince. Love those random moments whether @ beach or house parties. Best Memory: 2ndhand concert after a being MIA since grad day & those great parties (close second). Props to your best friend Katie too.

Bhasie- Got the street kred. But like a bro to me through Awakening & Campus Ministry. Good chilling in class as well as around the clubs. Best Memory: Awakenings.

Andrew- Cool dude. Got to hangout a lot & chill with different people from different walks of life. Still gets around & knows anyone & everyone. Best Memory: Long night drifting on campus.

Gabe- Known since day 1 @ Chaminade. Though you went to UH we were cool through retreat as well as off-campus. Will still see u around & prob @ games too. Best Memory: Awakening 14.

Hale- Lucky kid. One of few people who actually get close to action better than me. Works it out too but he is cool to chill & hangout with whenever. Best Memory: kickball.

Tim G- This guy does a lot & gets away with a lot too. Best of friends since year 2 for me. Good chillin @ random places & all over. Best Memory: U2 Concert & random photo nights.

Chris Rags- Great to work with, fun to chill with. Best memory: All-nighter on Halloween.

Derrick & Grant: 2 almost never separated (cept w/ their girls) but great to hangout since that boring photography class. Best moment: Clubbin!

Props to all those that I missed for graduating, & good luck to y'all. X-mas in less than 2 days!


P.S. Rock & Money, my two favorite nicknames (sorry no D-dog)

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