Saturday, June 13, 2009

Taking it hard

Been a tough week. Started strong got worse. First friday as usual was a success. Got to go to new places. Meet more interesting people. Saw the hangover hungover. Then chilled with a few homies. I got a test done and props to Bhasie for helping me out on a class project. Now i'm on a 3 week break (or until i get my new job, whatever comes 1st). But it was tough since a family member got sick and I need to find ways to get by with little. Also trying not to go out too much unless its really that important (homiez events, cheap food, drink, guarenteed ride homes, safe, etc.). I'm def. going beach tomorrow. Resume the quest monday. I need to get it before i turn 23. Otherwise, i'm screwed. Gotta rest up too.


-P.S.: Props to the Pens n Lakers gonna go 5.

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