Sunday, September 20, 2009

9/19 Recap

Got to be in a commercial for Hot 93.9 @ Dole Cannery. Props to Maleko Flash n Natasha (as well as some new friends)

Walked all the way from Dole Cannery to Nuuanu YMCA (cuz the bus sucks n HEA wasn't working as usual)

Got picked up by my dad to go Zippys & then back to Iwilei to pick up stuff (my dad is not the brightest person in the world. Think Homer Simpson)

Game time. UH did ok (til I left for Downtown)

Got to SOHO. It's time for NEON NEON (as promised i wore a pink shirt n got some free steeze like food, beer & even got a shot paid for)

Around 8:15 i got find out da score @ Murphys. Saw UH lose. Then got free guinness just for reading a poem. I finished 5th. (not too bad for an impromptu speech)

Then back to NEON NEON. Where it got crazy good. Lots of my friends were there. Good times were about to go off. Only downside is that the place is not completely 100%. But good enough. But there was AC leakage, glow sticks n blowups being tossed around as well as giveaways. I got a neat shirt, hat, pants, & even De La Soul tickets for twittering what the event was for (not to mention a pint glass from entering a certain contest earlier)

Left around 12 to see da last 4 (as expected) go to my house. But i had a ride home just not til 2am. So i killed time by going to Apartment 3. Busy as can be.

Then skipped waiks (due to a meaningless cock block party that held up traffic n only worth going if ur a tourist) & went back downtown (via da 2, i always hate it when people don't listen to da bus PA about da rules or to exit thru the rear door, or like i mentioned in my last blog, cut off info!), where on the way out saw a fight.

Looks like SOHO's should stick to first fridays til its fully functional.

Don't get me wrong that times are tough, but we gotta support local especially if we have friends wanting to do big things. I go out to build contacts myself so that one day when i go big people can support me. Gotta give n take. Kokua to others as others kokua to u. Also don't look @ da negatives. It takes time to build & grow before something big will happen. It applies to people who work too. So you gotta be support as well as work hard in order for u to get da love back. That is all i have to say that it was a good day in da 808.

-Mr . DRM

P.S.: TBS this friday! Who's in?

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ESKAE said...

Congrats on the tickets. Saturday was bonkers times 100.